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Does Stevie get along with other dogs?


Please do not take your dog back to the pound. If you're desperate for a place to put her, you could bring her to my house. I have two dogs, a male and female, and the female is semi-alpha, but I've had foster dogs here and, when necessary, I kept them segregated from my girl. (My female will usually get along fine with non-alpha females; my male gets along with all dogs.) That way, you could house your dog here and stay with your cat friends. My email address is: turveydrop at earthlink dot net. I live near Burbank.


Pick up a copy of "PetPress," which is a freebie newspaper found at many petstores, libraries, and places where you'd find the "LA Weekly." PetPress lists rentals that welcome people with dogs and cats.


Thanks everybody for your support and suggestions! I finally found a friend to help. He offered to take Stevie for a whole month. I also found a place to live in August with a yard. The landlord said "not only are dogs welcomed, they are encouraged." Things are looking up. thanks again!


Glad everything turned out okay. Stevie is very fortunate to have an excellent human, and Linda is very fortunate to have a furry friend.


So sad. I happened upon your blog and read your last post, I guess...Which was two years ago. I hope everything worked out for you.

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You could put the dog in the pound and ask them to let the dog stay for a week. just until you could fix your affairs. Leaving the dog in a storage area is a bad idea.


Unlike the majority of men you should be congratulated, you have found a solution that really does work.

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If you're desperate for a place to put her, you could bring her to my house. I have two dogs, a male and female, and the female is semi-alpha, but I've had foster dogs here and, when necessary, I kept them segregated from my girl.


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