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Doesn't matter

If you were at the Fashion clearly you must've seen leather; if you didn't you shouldn't be in the fashion industry. Second, I believe that LA has seen the worst fashion compare to NY or european cities, therefore you should probably stop complaining about what you saw and feel fortunate to have seen this type of fashion... Think about it the way you critize lines is absord, in europe you wouldn't even be a critique because of your lack of fashion knowledge....

Doesn't matter doesn't matter



Are you French? You must be French.
Your attitude sucks. "We should feel fortunate"? The stuff coming from LA based designers is some of the best stuff I've seen. It's when LA tries to mimic European and New York fashions, that it goes wrong. LA is coming into it's own. And mark my words, it will take over the world. Chanel did an LA-centered ad campaign with a California license plate that reads "Chanel." St. John's last campaign features a Hollywood starlet reading her script and now who is their new model? A Hollywood actress. Same with Versace, Viutton. Get over yourself. I don't feel lucky to see saftey pins in jeans. I saw it already... when I was in eight grade.

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