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Mack Reed


You're missing a couple of points - one, the image should at least have been credited to LAVoice.org. Furthermore, if you had bothered to read the byline on the post and a bit of the post itself, you would have seen I shot the photos.

And two - that's coverage of the 2005 show you lifted from. The photo wasn't even taken this past Saturday.

But hey, neophyte blogging - I've been there and learned the hard way myself.


My mistake - I read closer and saw that you may (or may not have) pulled the image from SRL's site.

If you'd credited the site where you found it, I suppose it wouldn't have stuck out so much.

But it's always a shock to see one's work splashed across a page without one's knowledge or consent - especially when the work's 10 months old and the page is brand-new. No great harm done, in any case.


Mack -
That photo - sorry, your 'work' - was lame. Take a chill pill you 'tard.


Whatever is not nailed down is mine. Whatever I can pry up is not nailed down.
-- Collis P. Huntingdon, railroad tycoon


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