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Ghost of Halloween

What's the equivolent of "bah-humbug" for Halloween (boo-humbug?)? Your take is kinda cynical don'tcha think? If people want to spend one day a year being a little slutty... so be it. I applaud the Shepard/Ramsey costume wear-ers of the world. Do your worst!

Matthew Shepard

you are a big jerk!

you say DYKE like it's a bad thing.

You know what? you are a fucking asshole. matthew shepherd's death was not funny. and you are just as bad as the people at colorado state who rode on a float which mocked him while he was dying in the hospital. its fuckers like you that make the world such a terrible place to live. and i think you need to grow up and learn to accept people. and that people dying is not a joke. being brutally murdered for who you are is not something to laugh about. its not mature... and not funny. and i hope you get what is coming to you. because you're a lousy homophobic prick.


Americans are fucking RETARDED! FOR REAL!
There´s offensive and there´s offensive. Those costumes where probably worn by people with a very protected life, so protected that they have become totaly numb.

"But is it any worse than going as a serial killer like Jeffrey Dammer or John Wayne Gacy?"

Think again you lousy worthless peace of shit. Yes you have succeeded in offending me. Now ask yourself - what´s the purpose?
For fun? Getting reactions? Showing you have a heart of stone?

Could any of this have been achieved in any other way? I don´t hate you maaan, you seem to do that well enough already.


Yup, it's Matthew Shepard and Jon Benet Ramsey. Totally offensive yes... But is it any worse than going as a serial killer like Jeffrey Dammer or John Wayne Gacy-- yup, like if I raped your daughter and left her for dead, and portrayed her for halloween with a slit throat, or if I was just the nighstalker.. there is a difference. Called victim you fuck

Mike Plum

What the F how dare you go as Matthew Sherperd


WOW! Matthew Shepard? Jon Benet? You'd be better off going as the serial killers! That is just not right. :/


this is disgusting! after all shepard and jon endured with their murders, and people go as them on holloween? as a joke? i find it to be immature and wrong, and, it is NOT funny, AT ALL! how could people be so ignorant? its just not right....


Guys, calm down. Yes, it's a terrible thing that happened, but the guy writing this is not defending their choice in costumes either. In fact, he says it's just as bad as dressing up like a serial killer, so why do you hate him?

Please, if you want the hate around this issue to stop, you first have to learn not to hate others.


Dressinq up like Matthew Shepard is NOT fUNNY ! I hope you get what u deserve u iqnorant person

Kelly Lee

I really dont agree at all about the pictures that were posted and it is disturbing and rude. However calling people names that did this is not the way to go about it, in order to fix whats going on in the world we have to stop with ourselves and hopefully people will follow our lead. I didn`t know Matt but im sure he wouldn't want everyone meeting those other people at their level. We are so much better then that! Do something that stands up for Matt in a positive way!


Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! U guys r assholes. i'd love for u guys too see ur death display lik tht ! u wuld lov for some one to be u n mock ur death right?! i guess so. its a free country but have respect for the dead come on.


Hopefully if you ever brutally die a slow slow death no one will be you for Halloween. Your insensitivity will not get you far in life.

Fuck you guys

How about don't go as a serial killer or helpless victims? If you can sleep at night, you have no shame and therefore shouldn't be allowed to post evil crap like this. Have fun with their unhappy lives, douche bags. If I believed in Hell, I'd tell you you were going to burn.


What kind of sick bullshit is this? Matthew Shepard's death is not fucking funny, you retard. How fucking dare you defile his memory with this filth? I hope you fall under a garbage truck.


The Matthew Shepard and Jon Bonet is the BEST. So fuck all of you biter homos cause I think its fucking hilarious... and so does my bf

Supra Shoes

This would be a concern for gun owners and reloaders if we were to take Mr. Obama at his word. However, during the campaign we saw Mr. Obama say one thing to one group and contradict himself to another.

Have a Conscience

I agree with Kelly Lee. Stop the hate! Name-calling = unproductive.

And to the people wearing costumes that mock the brutally murdered: Think about how you might feel running into the loved ones of the deceased dressed like that. Shameful. That's how you should feel now.


That's effing disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself, it's not funny at ALL to go as Matthew Shepard. I've never seen one person go as a serial killer. That's just making fun of what happened to that boy. That photo makes me sick to my stomach. Hope you're proud of yourself, jackass.


Oh, and KATIE. What are you, 11? You and your "bf" can shove your opinions up your asses. Maybe one day you can be tied to a fucking fence and have the shit beat out of you. Left there for eighteen hours in that much goddamned pain? I wouldn't wish that on you, or ANYONE. Love thy neighbor, bitch.


Not Katie, soooooo freakin sorry.I agree with you, it is sick. That was meant for JUDAS..


What the hell is WRONG with you? Do you know what HAPPENED to Matthew Shepard, besides being beaten and died to a post? What do you think led up to his sexuality decision and his death?
I was reading the other comments, and I'm not mad at the person who posted this; I'm mad at the people in the costume. I certainly hope they visit this page often.


The person who wrote this AND the people who wore those costumes should be ashamed and disgusted with themselves. It makes me sick to my stomach and I wish I had never come across this post. Are people really this stupid?

Air Jordan

The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our ways - I to die, and you to live. Which is better God only knows.


I don't think we need to worry so much about the guy in the Matthew Shepard costume... he'll get what he deserves, eventually. It's called Karma! And it's a bitch!! Who knows.. maybe he's already been punished somehow for his actions, we don't even know who he is.

On another note, John Bobbitt is not DEAD (as one poster stated), he got his weiner cut off (by his wife Lorena) and then reattached.. and has been in porn films since. John Bobbitt is a wife beater, and he got what he deserved (i.m.o.) He has since been charged with beating wives since Lorena... so he doesn't deserve our sympathy.

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