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of (or run into) online and ofnlife. These are comics from our childhood, such as Tintin & Life in Hell, as well as new internet comics such as Not From


Wow! So many comments!Mike At first I wasn't sure what you meant by the exact same boat, since I minteon about three different boats in this comic, but I'm guessing you're talking about trying to get better at the business side of comics.Jon I also want to focus on being a better artist and storyteller, but I don't really compartmentalize it from the business side. Getting it out there is part of the process for me.Vas I'll do what I can. Comics is a notoriously rough business, so even if I eke out a profit of $11 it will be worth trying.Bobby Glad to have you back!Lance If I was just doing this for financial gain, I would have quit years ago. I don't even know if I'll ever break even on this. Although I'm not sure if being a cartoonist and making money need to be mutually exclusive.I kind of want to make another comic about this to go into further detail about what I meant.

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