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It depends on how you marsuee best. The Valentine One Radar Detector is certainly best in rear radar detection, as it has a second detection antenna pointing toward the rear of the vehicle. No other radar detector provides a rear-facing radar antenna.However, the Valentine One is not the best in detection distance or false alarm performance. The Beltronics STi is best in those categories (among others). Perhaps more importantly, the Valentine One is NOT the best radar detector for avoiding police radar detector detectors. In some places where the use of radar detectors is frowned upon, police may use a radar detector detector (RDD) to locate vehicles using radar detectors. They will then fine the driver and/or confiscate the radar detector. The Beltronics STi Driver (and the new STi Remote) is the ONLY radar detector that is 100% invisible to all RDDs.So what is best depends on your particular situation. If you aren't concerned about RDD, the Valentine One is certainly a wise choice. If RDD is a concern, you are better off with the Bel STi.


XCUSmW Thanks so much for the blog article.

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