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hey sugar......hope you had a good time,i know we!!!!!

jonathan block

Hawaiian, Reggae, Rock, Jam Band
Kanekoa (from Maui)
Friday November 4th, at The Mint (Pico and Crescent Heights)
Showtime 11:00 to 2:00am

This will be KANEKOA's first ever Los Angeles Show - Do Not Miss This...

Ohana - Volume One -- iTunes Chart Activity First Month

Kanekoa have 4 songs on Major Hana Records debut release, 'Ohana - Volume One, the most downloaded Pop Compilation Record in the World for the past four weeks. "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Kaulana Kanekoa and Vince Esquire has been the #1 Pop Compilation download in the US, UK, Germany, France, Holland, Luxembourg, Canada, Ireland, Belgium, Italy and Denmark since it's release 4 weeks ago.

Kaulana Kanekoa and Vince Esquire's version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” will also be the first single/video from the upcoming soundtrack album for the feature film “Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing and Charm School” starring Robert Carlyle, Marisa Tomei, Mary Steenburgen, Sean Astin, David Paymer, Camryn Manheim, Danny DeVito and John Goodman. The film is scheduled for a February 2006 release.

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" was recently featured on "The Pride Of Britain" a BBC telecast w PM Tony Blair.

Also, Vince Esquire and album producer, Dave Cochrane, have 5 songs each in the upcoming feature film “Submission” starring Corbin Bernson, Simone Mackinnon, and Claire Carey.

'OHANA - Volume One is one of 26 records now eligible to be voted on for a nomination for the 2006 Hawaiian Grammy of the Year. If you are a NARAS voter -- PLEASE make a point to check this record out...

The record is now available for digital downloads on iTunes and the CD will be in stores in Hawaii on November 14th.

Vince on ukulele
Click here to see his latest Hawaiian project

for more information: Jonathan Block 310-581-4650


Hey there
a photographer took my picture outside of the Suicide Girls show before it started, she said it would be on here somewhere? I was wondering if you could please tell me where I may find it. Thank you. To see what I look like, go to my link.

stephen Walker

Hi Linda, I enjoyed your latest article in the la weekly- do you happen to know how to get in touch with sherry or miguel, to rent their space?
thanks, stephen

stephen Walker

Hi Linda, I enjoyed your latest article in the la weekly- do you happen to know how to get in touch with sherry or miguel, to rent their space?
thanks, stephen

Bill Wright


Great blog on the Spaceland concerts. You are harder to recognize than ever.


Ryan Hyatt

You did a nice job on the Rosendahl/Lincoln Place piece.

I covered much of the events related to the Lincoln Place evictions since Bill's been in office, always curious as a journalist how he expected to help the tenants without a solid game plan and perhaps the necessary legal and political firepower to put it into action.

This is, of course, no criticism of Bill as a person, only as an effective politician on this issue.

The Santa Monica Daily Press has chastized Bill in its editorials for this "hugs" approach to solving the problem and perhaps for misguiding his constituents, who have looked to him, and maybe inappropriately so, for answers.

I can see from your article that not much has changed in regards to rectifying the situation. Bill's motion, if passed, will only have the effect of delaying the inevitable. He might as well just give the tenants more hugs.

The only way the evictions at Lincoln Place can be stopped is if AIMCO agrees to come back to the bargaining table, or if the city makes a serious effort to challenge AIMCO's posturing.

However, keeping the issue in the public light and getting the LA City Council to comment about it in the media, especially, is important if any serious steps are still to be taken.

It seems to me the media has done its job keeping the public abreast of another missed affordable housing opportunity in Los Angeles.

Now it's a matter of whether those in office will maintain the status quo, or demonstrate a little leadership by pursuing a more decisive course of action on behalf of the tenants.

Ginette Rixon

I would like to attend "The Devil Wears Prada" screening on Thursday June 29th

A radio station is promoting this for The Paciifc Grove. I assume it will be there


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Come to my show on Wed Nov. 8th!!

I liked your article about Mew. My band is playing the Lava Lounge this Wednesday and we'd love if you'd attend and bring other members of your super-cute hyper-literate posse. Our lead singer hasd been described as Neil Labute if he had eaten Count Chocula instead of Fruity Loops as a kid. Check out the website. Keep writing!!


Harry Schell

Hi Linda,
Saw your article about shooting.

Could I invite you to look over a website called There are a lot of people on the site with similar interest in shooting as recreation, and some lively discussion of various topics, gun and non-gun related.

i appreciate the guide to new places to shoot, also, as my usual place has been closed down by the City of Azusa. the San Gabriel Valley Gun Club was in the foothills near Irwindale Avenue, next to a quarry. the City fathers decided to shut it down. No plans for the site, just shut it down.

There is another outdoor range called Burro Canyon. Go north on Azusa Avenue well up into the hills. I like shooting outside.


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