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Porta Pottie cherry pickers beware...


Main Entry: beau·ti·ful
Pronunciation: 'byü-ti-f&l
Function: adjective
1 : having qualities of beauty : exciting aesthetic pleasure
2 : generally pleasing : EXCELLENT
3 : Caroline Ryder

Main Entry: word·smith
Pronunciation: 'w&rd-"smith
Function: noun
1 : a person who works with words; especially : a skillful writer
2 : Caroline Ryder


Caroline, you are the most amazing person who ever walked this planet. You have more elegance, beauty, wit, and charm in your little finger then most women have in a lifetime of little fingers. Your insights into politics, lifestyle, fashion, and other related topics proves that you are a woman of great intercontinental worldliness. I can not begin to express my overwhelming love and admiration for you and your wonderfull mind. And let's not forget that you are a hot little number too.


So, if I were to ask "How hip are your genitals?" - that would annoy you?


Now Mike,
Don't see the point in posting your phrase alltogether, if its to trigger C's writing skills you can better go and streak on Times Square while vodcasting it to her emailadress to see what she can come up with. Otherwise you bore the hell out of any reader of this page Mike.

Dutch Diesel Dyke With A Vengeance


Brown is the new Blue

regarding your Neil Young/Manson birthday: Here's what Neil said about Chuck in "Shakey", his biography, "...Didn't get to be a rock and roll star, so he started fuckin' wipin' people out. Dig that."


Dear Dita,
Unhook your strapon one notch. It's cutting all the blood off from your over inflated head.

Mighty Masculine Mike with an Attitude.


Caroline Ryder

Mike and Dita Diesel -
Strap-ons at dawn? I'll referee...


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Come to my show on Wed Nov. 8th!!

Get your ultra-literate butt to the Lava Longe on Wednesday to see my band play. We've been described as the "Ramones fronted by Eric Bogosian on crack." I thought Eric Bogosian was already on crack! Let me know if you can come. Keep writing!



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Sally Lowe

Hey Girl!

So great to be able to find your ace work on the web. I'm in South America at the moment, but soon to be heading north. I'll be in your neck of the woods in July, let's meet up for a G&T.

Sal xxx

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