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Clinton H.Wallace

I think the Antik Denim show was pretty good, you are absolutely right about all the ambitious nobodies that propped up front and ruined whatever photo opps that existed. I am good friends with Andrew Gallery and you are absolutely right as he is well informed when it comes to the Hollywood scene, he also kept me plugged on who was in the scene and who wasn't. The afterparty was even a worser mess if I can use that word. Alot of celebs high tailed it and went else where because of the size of the line. keep up the good work.


Clinton H. Wallace
West Coast Staff Photographer
Photomundo International


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Great performance on fashion week. Paris did great job!

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i like this part of this post:"uesday Night's main event was such a producer's nightmare I almost* wanted to volunteer to help. Due to a major communication breakdown, the headsetted flacks had opened the doors to the masses before seating had been assigned." is very good

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Music started playing as soon as I opened up this web site, so annoying!


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Dead written articles, Really enjoyed looking through.

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