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Oct 15, 2009


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Pulok Chatterjee, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, said a list of projects of the public sector from various Ministries such as Coal, Power, and Shipping had been compiled. FICCI had also submitted a list of 52 projects in the private sector with an investment greater than Rs.1000 crore, which were delayed due to various bottlenecks.
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Independence Day 2005. (Bahamian independence, y'all six days later than US)My hubansd's cat, who has been visibly ailing for some weeks, and who we didn't take to the vet because we knew that she was on her way out (she was 17) and the last cat we took to the vet was so freaked out that he died of heart failure. I kid you not. He was 2. We still don't know why he had it, whether it was something he ate, like a poisoned rat that weakened his heart, or something congenital, but the minute we saw him having shortness of breath and weaknes we bundled him into the car and drove him to the animal hospital, where he died. So. We didn't take her to the vet, because she's a cat and she's never been that far from my hubansd, except when we lived abroad for 3 years, during which time she disappeared. She came back when she heard he was back. Anyway, (our cats live outside on our porch, it's warm enough, and we have a cat-eating dog inside) she came up to the front door and looked at us. The effort it took for her to get from her bed on the porch chair to the door had her panting and wheezing and she just lay looking in the screen door. We put the cat-eater outside and opened the door for her to come in. I didn't want to pick her up because she was so frail and weak and I didn't want to shock her. She couldn't make it past the door itself and lay on the doorstep. Finally Hubby comes along with a towel and takes her into his study where he is, and she lay on the towel behind his chair, where she was happy.We had to go out that night; both our jobs require that when we work we work on major public holidays.We knew. When we left, she was very weak, able to lift her head but only just; when we got back at 1 a.m., she was gone.We spent the next two hours digging her grave in our front yard. I held the light. .You have all of my thoughts and sympathies, Julie.


1. They are more efficient than ctbmusoion engines, they always provide maximum torque, and don't require a transmission.2. They can accelerate faster than ANY car that runs on gas (look up videos of electric cars smoking Ferraris!).3. Oil is only getting more expensive, and the price of oil will outpace the speed that we can make cars more oil efficient. Electric cars are the only long-term cheap method of transportation.4. Electric cars have been running on U.S. roads and highways for over a decade without problem (check out the Rav4-EV)5. Hydrogen isn’t safe. For hydrogen cars, you take electricity and convert it into hydrogen, and then convert it back into electricity, why not just store the electricity in a battery?6. 100% Electric cars are lighter than hybrids (no ctbmusoion engine, no transmission), they also have a lower center of gravity and better handling.7. Electric cars cost more than 25% less to maintain (less parts)8. In 2008, U.S. spent $600 billion on oil, over 2/3 of which was imported and accounted for 30-59% of u.s. trade deficit. Electric cars could pump money back into the country and revitalize the economy. As we became less dependent on oil, we could stop purchasing it from unfriendly governments which threaten us, and we would have to spend less military power protecting our oil infrastructure, meaning we would be a richer and safer country.9. Although jobs will be lost if we start moving towards electric cars, jobs will also be created. A new study released estimates the net change in jobs would be 13,000 250,000 new jobs created.10. There are too many more reasons to fit in a list of ten. The price of healthcare would go down, cities would be quieter, the electric grid is already at a capacity to handle charging electric cars, electric cars are fun If electric cars are great, why aren't they more popular? Car companies can't access the best battery packs for electric cars (high powered NiMH batteries) because Chevron owns the patents for them and refuses to license them. Before Chevron owned the patent, GM and Toyota both had 100% electric cars that worked great. We need to demand the government force Chevron to license these batteries. There are plenty of places to learn more about electric cars on the internet, and elsewhere. I recommend the movie "Who killed the electric car?" and the book "Two cents per mile" by Nevres Cefo. If nothing else, remember that electric cars could be more than luxury vehicles- that they could change the way we think about transportation.

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    See above.

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