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Dec 20, 2008



Scary Harry and Flimsy Lindsay are congress may look into ways to limit our free spceeh. Yay. Congressional hearings on how best to capitulate away our 1st Amendment rights. I've noticed several other commenters around the blogosphere pointing out that it's legal to burn Old Glory and the Bible so why are they even contemplating this?Ironically, though, the more attention Congress devotes to this, the worse they’ll make it. If Reid and Graham were stupid enough to hold hearings (which they almost certainly aren’t), it’d be a galactic clusterfark — a spotlight for Jones, a red alert for civil libertarians, and an offense to a public that’s tired of double standards for religious insults. If nothing else good comes from this incident, though, it’s at least been useful as a window into the mindset of our trusted “ally” Hamid Karzai, who did his level best to earn brownie points with the fanatics among his constituents by . As voters get set for another debate this summer about whether we should draw down in Afghanistan, make sure that isn’t forgotten.


Good morning Hamsters. Overcast with a tinge of mist and a balmy 69 for oeprens at 6. This is not wonderful but at least not as London fog as yesterday morning. Also it's probably the only natural moisture for the day.From what I've seen on Ch. 11, looks like the hard work in planning and arranging the many attractions offered for the Final Four weekend succeeds. And thanks go to those who volunteer time to make it so. The weather so far has been gorgeous. Weather gods, y'all hear we need it to stay that way and not devolve into the awful mess in Arlington for Super Bowl 45. Trust that the temporary seating has been thoroughly checked out .All kinds of allergens (from trees, flowers, dust) are attacking our area and making everybody miserable. The mares all have runny noses and weepy eyes, but then their heads are stuck down in the grass a good part of the day. Mara's been congested by evening, so she's getting benadryl. The live oak blossom remnants rain down on everything, make a big mess by themselves, and bring more yellow-green pollen with them, which the steady breeze distributes far and wide. A glance around the yard reveals ligustrum buds almost at the ready and the pecans not far behind. Kleenex sales will continue brisk.


Kinda mugly and overcast all day out here on the north bank of the Barzos at Richmond with just a flentieg hint of sunlight breaking through late this morning. At least that's confined the temp to the upper 70s. Breezy all day as more pollen and live oak blossoms fly about further coating everything.The back yard looks like a yard sale without the price tags again with patio furniture on the lawn and plants crowded on the open patio. The refinished covered patio floor is curing and not smelling so nauseatingly bad today. We can walk on it lightly but not put anything back on it for a couple of more days. Happily it does look like slate in a muted terra cotta finish, as we had envisioned. A lone sawhorse blocks the driveway entrance at the road so the epoxy filling the myriad cracks can cure another day. Our vehicles park on the edge of the lawn near the road, doing no damage to the grass as it is so dry out there and concrete hard. The front porch is off limits with resurfacing curing going on for another day or two. The result is worth the four days' disruption so far. It's certainly inconvenient but not the nightmare of kitchen or master bath remodeling because it's outside.Less news makes it out of Madison these days, but by no means is the nastiness letting up. It's getting worse if anything, just apparently not of interest to the LSM since the capitol has been reclaimed. Things are brewing in the April 5th election for state Supreme Court, pitting the conservative incumbent against a very leftwing challenger who has all the union thugs backing her. The electioneering ads on her side could make one think it's Belfast and not Wisconsin.


#76 SimpleDo you speak for the men and women of the services? Was there an etcolien held? I must have missed the memo on that one.Nowhere in my comment do I presume, or even imply, that I speak for any member(s) of the military. I do criticize others who do that exact thing. Therefore, I have no idea what you are talking about. It would not be the first time.No nation has done as much, offered sacrifice in blood, treasure and cold cash to rebuild a nation, creating schools, hospitals, court systems, constabulary, a vibrant free press, power supplies, water wells, irrigation, roads and bridges as the USA has in Iraq and Afghanistan. The imams in communion with the Iranians know this and also know they can undo all of America's efforts by inciting an ignorant populace with whatever real or imagined slight that will serve their purpose. The American project to create a liberal, free society in that region is the largest threat to their power and so periodically one or two jihadi clerics will decide to demonstrate they still wield influence and control. It is the gorilla beating his chest. In this respect, the quote you included applies:When faced with an enemy too powerful to engage directly you must first weaken him by undermining his foundation and attacking his source of powerOur community and civic support and the untenable rules of engagement often forced upon our troops has come at a very dear price in life and limb. In a more rational and prudent world, the idiots who run news programming would be unemployed and stories about preachers with a handful of followers burning Korans would never even make the cut for local news. Unfortunately, such is not the case and we, as Americans in our particular brand of liberty, have to endure the detritus of fools in the public square and it is where we will draw the line at accomodation. Our tolerance of nonsense is a difficult price for freedom, but we do it despite the unrelenting assault of domestic enemies of the First Amendment. If you honestly believe Americans are going to surrender this essential pillar of liberty to appease a murderous, illiterate mob in some ancient hellhole, then you are dead wrong. It would not be the first time.


they were both guilty. That's what you’re just as much at fault as them that did the kililng.means.Was Jones an idiot? Surely. But YOU made him equally culpable with those who, with deliberate malice aforethought, took up knives and and shed innocent blood.You get5 closer to my meaning with that statement, but he would have been an idiot only if he had not know what would result from his actions. It is clear from his statements that his point was proven that he knew exactly what would result, even if the commanders of the troops hadn't told hime. That is the very definition of malice aforethought.This is not a case of blaming the rape victim for the clithes she is wearing. This is a case of a mother dressing her 12 year old up in a bikini then sending her to live with a pediphile knowing that a case of viagra was delivered to his house.I am not apologizing for muslims. Never have. Not my point. Here are two posts from Milbloggers that do a better job than I have.This first one is from a guy who is what's the phrase oh yeah , lying in a ditch, praying the air cover shows up before any more of his guys get picked off. Burning the Koran is going to f**k us all up over here. REALLY bad idea. Unless what you're trying to do is cause a mess. Be prepared for some serious shit that we over here seriously don't need. Not kidding.And yes, the Afghans are aware and waiting to see what happens. No, they are not happy. Yes, it does matter. No, I'm not kidding and I've not gone native. All humor aside, it is important and not a single person is going to do anything to stop them from costing lives. My honest appraisal is that it will cost lives and turn people who take this very seriously against us. Needlessly.The next comes from , another Milblogger who has completed tours in the Middle East. He disagrees with me on one point, but emphatically agrees on my main point.While I agree that there’s no one in this country who bears responsibility for these murders, I hope this serves to influence people in this country to stop poking the “religion of peace” bear. If they were slaughtering each other, I’d have the same view that I have of inner city violence here in this country – let ‘em have at it. But when innocent people get beheaded, it’s time to step back from the whole “making a point” thing. Yeah, we get the point.Then there'swho does lack the military credentials of the LST Braintrust, but who's voice we probably should hear.I hope the pastor in Florida, Terry Jones, seriously thinks & prays over his intending actions. My husband along with thousands of other soldiers are out there fighting the war against the Taliban, they do not need some Church's help to prove any point! one man & his flock of 50 people against the whole world!! First of all, does he preach Christianity? because I'm pretty sure his intentions are not teachings of the holy bible. OK yeah some Muslims have done harm to Americans & other nationals but does that make him any different? He as a Reverend should absolutely know better! and there is nothing no one can do to stop him because of the constitution & his rights. He has those rights because he is an American, uphold your American values Mr Jones! If any as 1 American in the world gets killed because of retaliation I hope he knows that life will be on his head, that was his wrongdoing to provoke unnecessary violence against the Americans especially our troops. Yes we are all tired of some Muslims & their radical acts which they do in the name of their holy book but that is why we have our troops out there fighting for us, for him! If he goes through with his ridiculous plans he is no better than the terrorists & should be exiled & stripped of his US citizenship because he does not represent or uphold what a true American is. Peace & Love.Shannon came closest to my meaning last weekend (or was it Monday, I don't recall). Apparently that wasn't good enough for a few folks here. We have now gotten to the point where some of them sat that if a Commander contacts them and asks them not to do something because it will endanger his troops, he's being unreasonable and dam near dictatorial.Terry Jones knew what would happen. Ev erybody here knew what would happen. for that reason, he should not have done it, and for that reason he shares guilt with those that did the kililng.I'm done. I'll not respond on this subject any longer. When folks go so far as to say that they think a commander asking people to forswear actions that will endanger his troops has gone too far, is pulling a stunt, or is ignorant, I know that minds like that will resist any appeals to reason.


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Not to sound rude but this goes out to the ones who classify this "sport" cruel to poodles. I bet it's safe to say that the majority of you have never owned a poodle let alone a standard. so you would have no knowledge or personal experience with These dogs in the enjoyment brought by the attention that is given to them during the grooming process, and more then likely have been on the grooming table since they were pups. Added they are never forced to do anything they don't want, trust me as I'm a groomer myself of pets and know that a reluctant candidate is not a good specimen for this type of grooming. it takes extra time to create the outcome of these grooms and lots of cooperation on the dog's side as well as the groomers. p.s. any poodle owner can vouch on neediness ( attention hog) to be a strong trait of theres.
-Shear Groomer


this is seriously bullshit! why do people abuse poodles this way? i don't see other dog breeds getting such shitty outfits on themselves without having a choice of doing so. you horrible poodle owners should stop doing that for the sake of fame or appearing on newsarticles, magazines and stuff like that. it's not cool please.


Sweet baby Jesus, all of you so-called animal lovers need to get a grip and do some research. This is not torturing the animal in any way. This is NOT the 1800s, it's 2011. They have dyes and shampoos that are non-toxic and not harmful if ingested (in case they start to lick themselves.)What, do you think these groomers/vets/scientists are retarded? This form of grooming is no different than a human going to get a wash, trim, and highlights. It may be uncomfortable for some animals to stand still for extended periods of time, just as some of us may hate sitting under the dryer for 2 hours. But the key word is "uncomfortable" not "deadly." You didn't die at the salon, and these Poodles will not die at the groomers. Contrary to popular belief, pets are not as fragile as you think. Poodles are a hunting breed for Christ's sake. It's not some fragile baby, it's a DOG. My Cocker Spaniel has tumbled down 2 flights of stairs running after his toy, got up, shook out his fur, grabbed his toy, ran back upstairs and continued to play as if nothing happened, at 11 years old. I'm sure a few plucks, tugs and a blow dryer will not kill a Poodle. And NEWS FLASH: DOGS ARE COLOR BLIND. They don't know, nor do they care what color they are. And they don't feel embarrassment because they don't know judgment as humans do. They only understand good and bad, or right and wrong in terms of their behavior. Jeez, sit back.


Can not but agree with previous authors. I fully support it.


People who feel the need to dress, dye, primp and style their dogs really need children or a more appropriate hobby. This is total abuse to the animals. Think of the toxins being absorbed through the skin DAILY with the various colored dyes. YES animals love attention, but they want to be cuddled, run, and have the ball thrown for them. NOT sat on a table for 4 hours, and have their fur yanked, pulled, dyed and twisted into bizzar shapes. THEY DON'T HAVE A VOICE HOW DO YOU KNOW THEY ENJOY IT! You people are horrid and should be ashamed of yourselves.

Projector Rental

Crazy stuff! I'm not sure how I feel about poodles being dressed up like that, but I am a big fan of the Ninja Turtles one.


This is outrageous, I have a standard poodle and i absolutely love her, i could never do something like this to her. Yes, its true, poodles are groomed from day 1, and yes, they do get used to it, but, when a poodle is groomed, they can be embarrassed if there cut isn't flattering, they show embarrassment when people laugh at them, this just isn't right.

A Dog Groomer

It's great to see dogs in tip top condition and loving their new characters. News for all those who condemn these groomers - if the dogs didn't like it, they wouldn't stand still long enough to sculpt their coats in such an intricate way, they wouldn't perform in the show ring, and they certainly wouldn't stay still long enough for a photographer to take their photograph.... If you want to condemn someone, try all those dog owners who don't brush their dogs regularly and let their coats get all matted - no wonder the poor things don't like being groomed (imagine getting knots and mats tugged out of your hair for two hours!). Lecture over.... I love the buffalo (I saw it in another article) - it's brilliant!!

MissK Los Angeles

By the way....click here and go tell it to Doris Day - a woman who's been fighting for animal rights longer than most of you have been alive.


Then go visit her and donate so animal victims of REAL abuse can be helped.


MissK Los Angeles

I have regularly kept my darling Miniature Poodle bright pink since I plucked her poor little neglected butt out of a shelter last year! She likes being dyed as much as she likes a bath (which is not much), but that's all it is, one more step in the bath process.

On a white Poodle, the dye (MADE EXPRESSLY FOR DOGS AND NON-TOXIC) takes less than 2 minutes to take before rinse time. By the time I get from her head to her little powder-puff tail, she's ready to rinse....just like shampoo time.

She ADORES her grooming time as she loves being primped and spoiled with my undivided attention to boot. She also adores every moment of attention she gets from people who stop on the street to bestow compliments, pet her & take pictures.

Perhaps instead you can attack the people who spend NO time on their pets grooming. (novel concept, I know!) I see far too many neglected Poodles that smell of urine & have formed dreadlocks throughout their poor coats.

I can honestly say that my girl is happy, healthy, well adjusted and spoiled rotten with not a single bad habit....she is definitely happy in her natural, if slightly tinted, state with a clip for all seasons and no dress, tutu, bandana, tiara, jacket, scarf, et alii.

For those who think we would "dip" our beloved dogs in "a can of paint" then leave them to dry...in the words of the L.A. Valley: Dude! You're the moron!

Barbara West

This is absolutely disgraceful. Such regal creatures deserve better. Better that the perpetrators be dipped in a can of paint and left to dry. Animals, who rely on us, should be better served and I don't care what other mere morons think.

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Niki, they are not photoshopped...and those of you who think this is abuse need to lighten up. People dress their dogs for heaven's sake. Other folk's decorate their house. Poodles are fun to groom, so ease up. No one is hurt, maybe odd, but for them it's a whole lot of fun.


Poodles are groomed from just a few months of age. They grow up being groomed, and often, even if it's just in the puppy clip. Unless the dog shows signs of stress during grooming, and these look like they take quite a lot of time, I don't think it's hurting the animals. As for dignity, I think it's more a matter of bad taste. I have a Standard Poodle...and adore her more than words can say. I'd never do this to her, because I would feel I am making a fool out of her, and she deserves. Would we do this to one of our children? Don't answer that.

Karen Pauli

This si just plain wierd!!!It's like the book,"Why Paint Cats?" I thought that book was computer generated images until I had read it several times. If this is done for a competetion, with wash-out dyes, and the color is removed and the dog trimmed normally after the photo shoot is over, OK. But i would not take a dog out on the street looking like this.


You do a wonderful job! The poodles look great. What fun for them. Don't listen to the people who bad mouth. Their lives must be unhappy. Live and let live.


That is just revoulting. Poodles are not meant to be dressed up like that you should be ashamed of your selves. I have a poodle and that is defenetly not something you should do to them. They are living ceatures.


these dog owners should be arrested and haul to jails. where is PETA when the dogs need them.

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