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Oct 31, 2004





Could you write about Physics so I can pass Scenice class?


Holy sizhint, this is so cool thank you.


Call me wind because I am abslouetly blown away.


That's the smart thinking we could all benieft from.


I tohught I'd have to read a book for a discovery like this!


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Russia Today does nothing but inslut the West and enrage people with their quotable yes-men, yet they want to test others. How ironic. Tell these New Yorkers who funds Russia Today and what your Free Press Index rating is. I dare you.


Wait, i don't follow. What did your first sentemtat have anything to do with the second one ( yet they want to test others )? Moreover, I fail to see the irony. I don't think it matters what news apparatus conducts such an interview. Why do you feel so offended by the notion that society as a whole, is fairly ignorant, apathetic, self-absorbed, and materialistic?


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Seriously, how important is world news? People are more cneeorncd about their own lives, they work and when they get home they are interested in entertaining themselves. Absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. The only world news I get is through reddit r/worldnews, CBC radio in my car, and RT since I'm subed to it but it's not like have a deep interest in egyptian elections, so I know about it, it still really has no bearing on my life.


nwo+freemason+illuminati+scien tology+secretsociety+religion+ behrmiangoove+occult+governmen t+constitution+zionist+slavery +elitecriminals+war+etc = CAPITALIST REALM LANDLORD GRABBER PIG ROYAL LAZY FAMILY.fight for LAST DROP BLOOD for MONEY & POWER = LAZY ROYAL PIG FAMILYCAPITALISM = ROYAL SLAVE LORD MASTERS LAZY FAMILY..!!! GOD HANG the REALM LANDGRABBER PIG ROYAL LAZY FAMILY GOD HANG the REALM LANDGRABBER PIG ROYAL LAZY FAMILY copy & paste WE ARE THE 99% FREEMAN


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Glad to see you got the Bennies in my colours Do you want to moneitn somewhere that dice roll up (explode, whatever)?Sample Tricks is a good one.I'm going to do my own thing for cons, as you appreciate I'm a prima-donna and want everything done in my own beautiful hand, but I'm still working on that Nice one DPM.


Darn, I'm such a procrastinator I was going to send in my pics but now I can't and it's too late! *weeps*I'll floolw along in the challenge but just won't participate in the contest. In the end all I want is a stronger body and better nutritional habits anyway. That can be my prize.Great blog!


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Dec13Tom Billy Phillips, I commend you for your girrndboeakung research that reveals without a doubt that the Catholic Church (even popes and cardinals) was, for a time, very welcoming to the study and teaching of Kabbalah.


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