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Nov 11, 2008



Yao area gentleman king the surprisingly gold is small to open will put him one horse, hesitated a way:"There being no crystal stone of a dollar dinting can also, you literally take an another crystal stone of a cake of act for, I only exist by the status of spirit body now, the energy that needs seldom can keep on maintaining."

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The mature chemisette lingering charm lies in:Life of equanimity, hospice of existence, mindset of didn't contend for with a life time.

"That's right, is a variation.Origin the mankind's body is weak, there is no a dollar dint inside the body, the mentality isn't strong either, the life span is more brief, can be said to be devoid of any merit, however ……"orchid degree for a while, way:"However their potentials are astonishing, once blending a crystal pit, in the pole in a short time ability the self-discipline promote to a very high awakening stage, at the beginning the mankind is depending on so

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See a target at at present, more than ten black dress big fellows jumped down from the empty boat, and at white the edge array of the heap of rocks, drag along thunder to take the lead a ground of station at most front, bad ruthlessly stare at white the middle position of the heap of rocks.

The Hui light facial expression flushes, after hearing immediately call way:"Is still not enough, not enough I start his heart, you lose a little strength again to me."

Along with the easy conversation, time in a flash but lead, very quick sky of dawn, a wisp of aureate ray of light diverts from the horizon of east.

Flicking to signal hint Chen Shi Bin don't talk more, the Du flies to change direction a person of hush to smile to ask a way:"Do you feel that this is a backstage manipulator?"

The "yes, " Louis Si point nods, then takes Du to fly to walk in the past, the side walks side way, "was a bounty bar to exclusively develop for the blood test here of hall, now hall

"Yi?"Jenny stretched hand to pull out Du to fly a hair and prepared to examine DNAs in it, can who know that silk hair after escaping from the body that the Du flies, the moment became a the still hard thin needle is than the steel needle, basically can not examine DNAs in it.


"Hum, I make you hide!"See the thunder that the Du fly to hide through sky, Liu Lao Gui then takes back to fly sword, then starts to grasp three sign papers and uses to work properly dint to emblaze.Immediately, three day thunders are in the sky suddenly born, the threatening force hugely flies to shot down toward the Du since then.

10%?The Xiang madam's eyes seemed to move to move.

Looking at that the general variety appearance is like the quick lens, the thin ground mentally dense energy of inside at last and unexpectedly converts a kind of life that he extremely acquaints with-own the person of the third eye form life body!

The mood that the gold is small to open becomes wild with joy gradually and exists such a violent weapon, he hereafter also fear to an afraid of person?Allowing him is the enemy of second Sa person, big summer clansmen still other dog dinners, all became general ant existence!Certainly the gold is small to open also very clear, this not that oneself have already changed to conquer the world invincible, still have many superiors in all spaces can harm to their own lives, at least at early on time immemorial met fight fortress and then can result in fatal injury for him.However beat however don't relate to, can ast least also run away, with the strength he control now, escape to absolutely have no problem!

verything they could to make you happy. You the may think that the boy is cruel to tree but that'the s how all of us are treating our parents.

"BE, BE!"The Du flies to freely plus of give repeated advice to, listen to in Lin Jun's joy come but seem a warning, smell his favour of speech repeatedly nod of should be next, fear Du to fly could not feel the decision that he keeps secret.

"What?"Smell speech Xiao Xuan shockedly the Wu shutting up, " uncle's your meaning BE, you and didn't aunt Ting basically fall in love?"

Behind spread a voice of heavily huming, seal to traverse a bit surprised, the surprisingly other party hasn't walked, oneself saw walk an eye.

Zhui, also can walk into according to speech.

Why does the white Rui Mo want tell a falsehood?BE what kind of went to a deep sorrow to once make his wife weep over?This Xu wears the handsome man's surroundings of black beard to linger around one regiment Yi cloud.White Rui Mo probably in fact be keep watch on the person of the jazz of Henry in London?I decide to check with local post office to be actually some kind of and see if that telegram is sending to the white Rui Mo hand.

"Excuse me, , do you have door plate?"A bellboy complaisance asks a way.


High school after reading half year, I walk very far very farly and arrive man river's downstream sought my elder brother, for learning, also in order to beg to living, because the father and mothers have already been arrived to go to in very deeply very deep Tashan.From now on, I didn't see any further three, but three that is bright, full of good faith eyes,usually appear at my at present and in a dream.

The gold is small to open in a ground wood that floats to float in the unreal to find out a person, the sea at the moment the Si is also wretched to go to a pole, he got a Tan round in times before of layer after layer one shot, half side the body be all beaten the Jin break bone fracture, luckily his body has the real strenght of five ranks, it is all extremely violent to defendoof dint and instauration ability, otherwise with this for a while enough make him die.

"No wonder that the Du eldest brother isn't old at all!"Is silent a long time, allow Ting to suddenly smile to make fun a way.Although heart in very painful, but she is in mind to strongly comfort himself/herself:She has already got this the woman can get in the world of everything, also have what dissatisfied foot?

"This is our staff member in the hotel to do!"Hear the Du flies of send thanks, that waitress smilingly says, then while turning round to leave, suddenly turn head to say with smile, " we six always wait a meeting will come to inspect here!Handsome boy, if you think that making track for six is total, can want to make great effort!"

"That along with gobble up of the evolution of Yan, constantly promote bodily strength not to go."Hearing the Yan bag is this function, be subjected to 《 works properly burning chain Jue 》influence the very deep Du fly immediately Hao to inattentively answer criticism a way.

"Like well, our a short while says!"The Du flew to clap the hand of clapping the Xiao Xuan, the kindly ground smiled to smile.Flies in the Du of in the heart, Xiao Xuan good daughter Xiang is suddenly similar, so didn't see for several years, but saw in the airport of foreign country other place this time, hanged up all of a sudden to have his country feeling.

At that moment a small butterfly flew across the path in front of us.'Excuse me,Dr Watson,'shouted Stapleton,and ran off to try to catch the butterfly.He ran quickly and fol lowed the butterfly on to the marsh,but he knew exactly where he could go,and was not in any danger.

The 撃 knocks this load of Mo E road Gu aluminum Su Sun Zhui Shan Nuo say to is a Kui D Qian Juan even dream of beats Mao Tan Kang which minister Ta member Ta Xia Ke Ao sodium Dong ⒆ Fen Wei N Yi title the Xi fade to silently invade Huang enamel Zhuo awl Di which Qian Sui mildewed Jin Cuo Huang file brain Qiong the Zou forgive H Zhang Huan Chuo even the take off card the carry Yan evening meal does the Wu forgive?The Di leads long to suffer from Lyu luckily Hu also the Huai Zhu Da live H the Qiao tie up fertile over Qiao even Ye Zhu Wu Wu lesson the Yi invade a wave the Ji tore Cao さ bag joys Wen Er K Ye さ lovely Jie Mao rake duck Tun Xin Si Cao the ひ joys ask to rush Lie Yi and material Wu Ao Tun the Xing shut Shen Long Ning R the Ge play Ji the Cong leap Qian Juan even lovely Ye Na Che Mie Mo ton ΑK Qie Fu cluster the Zheng Chu arrive the zinc blow to mix evenly where the Wu utter Zou even Mao eight Qie Fu thick wave Duo Yu Qian which Wu 繑

"We are to come to take part in expensive Ge to hold city with each other.The elder generation in"hear the defend pupil of reprimand angrily to, Chen Jing gloats over the disaster of others ground hope his one eye, turn a head to see later on the Du fly noodles the color that bear not now, just come forward an explanation way, " is the past friend of evil my Zu palace palace lord, hereby come to take part in expensive Ge of with each other city."

If don't tidy up him, hereafter I crazy Hao still how mix on river's lake!"The seeing owner in the bar has after the meaning to regulate for the inside year fatty of head, then and coldly Liao next words block up him, then continue to turn a head to see fly to the Du and Qian Jing, the daring doesn't give in this district his person who goes crazy a Hao face, have already not much seen, unexpectatively today a see is a pair!

Get along with man of domestic life, woman just can most true colors ground performance he or she, the article arrives marriage of seven flavor miscellaneous Chen.


You are a boy who is aggressive to request to go forward, from a speech of time, show unintentionally to force

"That before and soon rises in the east in the mainland of work properly dint motion, is also you and variation be the person troops fighting?"Although the Du flies of the explanation match feeling reasonable, five elders always feel some anterior problem of being not in the right, continuing to cross-examine to haves.

"Ms. Sun!"What enter one bottom cabin of walking into, see drive smoking face floweriness cat of summer surname sister, excitedly shouted loudly 1.However when he sees "the simple cooking stove has" of the surname sister foot in summer, is not been sour puckery to get up by ground in the heart, the daughter spoilt daughter of a rich family of open and the whole world group summer house, when have ever been subjected to this etc.?

Pass in the checking of database of cosmos, the wave is green to finally arrive at the galaxy that the aquamarine blue star existed in those early years.But because of those early years the aquamarine blue star disappear, this galaxy is under leading of each gravitation and have already taken place tremendous change, let her have nothing to do

At this time Gao Jing Bo bellows a voice already several can not smell, but those servants be still like crazy onely tore to bite him, but the girl who takes black gold knife, at this time looking at those crary servants, the station having some to frighten into inaction is in the part.

More than ten pole ice believed in pupil to follow the rattan man on the stone wall to climb down and soon then discovered that huge liquid bubble in the cave hole, and inside of"adult in the Zhang door", all of owner momentaries are gapes.

"That settles so ……"

The butterfly of condition collectively commits suicide, undoubtedly is a the big tragedy rare in field of the great universe, it is like an oil painting that is sad but beautiful but fills the air tragedy tone, give people shaking of mightiness dint and huge impact wave, show people it cant not bear to have no alternative again, walk it can not feel helpless again.

The gold is small to open to hear them be also grasped here, on the contrary some in the heart easy, can ast least know that they weren't killed off by the person of the absolute being act.As for say hereafter put them to go out ……H'm, with lend oneself the identity of"Zhang door", want to come to should be easy to accomplish.

Thought of here, the gold is small to open to go up and down ground to cautiously seek 1 time, but still has no detection.The gold is small happy medium to feel suspicious, whether some doubts is oneself to judge a mistake.Stole to see to see drag along thunder and a few of his under charges, detection combine no one attention he or she, they are all each busy each matter, the gold is small to open to then and silently coagulate dint to double of eye on.

"Can not use mentality in Vatican, I this spirit remarkable talent's going in will become you two nuisances, " Ai Luo explanation way, "in addition, the servant of the Vatican bright knight every evening 8:00 all want to tidy up stable, they will discover this passage when the time comes."


If is a jade just the vehemence in male's skill a beauty the true town lived all employees words, so this kiss be let everyone of the eye pupils all directly dropped a ground of top and also matched with a burst of glasses fall in pieces of voice, but only have more by surprise, have no most by surprise.

If chapter 69 rat

Original Qin Di's space or Ding space in the sky all want to go in to look for a treasure alone, however after continuing constantly and failing for many times, they finally understand to come over:List with the real strenght of the whichever space, all not enough with support their getting into super historic relic space, however allied put together behind this possibility enlarged a lot.So though these two spaces still keep being placed in hostile status, however the at the mention of consociation explores a treasure, both sides space right away for"turn the weapons of war as jade and silk", the peace doesn't want war, each crack, unite to put together to search to pare off 1 in the super historic relic space.

After etc. finishes doing, the Du flies to feel comfortable Tai of a body, title's seeing the sun has been already come out, jog back

See five under charges all leave, the Du flies then according to just of mind, in proper order let out absolute being to know toward the islet overlay discovered but go, the body around sends forth a motion that is faintly a burst of to work properly dint and space later on, the whole individual disappeared.

Is each to forbid machine while using, will consume a huge quantity dollar dint, even if accept in the body need not, also all consume a lot.Even if is that the gold is small to open have already come to a the top-class stage of fifth rank now, and make because of various chance again its ratio generally gobble up the dollar of many severals dint, but still keep being not enough to consume while making use of many pieces to forbid a machine.

Thought of here, the Du flew to imitate a Buddha to see place stones in working properly of several full warehouseses, not from feel have a boiling passion.However, wait he to calm down, again in consideration of a problem, that be in addition to he, the nobody knows that those work properly a stone long what appearance!

The gold is small happy to say:"If originally, I perhaps still fear you three divide for two centses, however these day my real strenght advance by leaps and bounds, at the right moment take you to come to try me Be lately- come to hand super to bite a treasure!"However here is a busy streets street area, if want to get into nasty fight to perhaps will embroil numerous innocence, and the gold is small to open don't want to expose oneself's real strenght as well.

Evil palace palace lord in front.

Gold small happy medium vigilance, however stay calm and collected way:"It is quite good."

Chapter 39 gold A corpse


The Liu Ni is also conjecturing these two"girl"s of opposite, twinkle curious about brilliance in pure big eyes.Also have never seen twins to her, much less still thus beautiful twins' sister.Girl's sub- disposition is very beautiful, while seeing other girls, don't aware of self ground to start carrying on a comparison in the heart, however the Liu Ni soon discover, own facial appearance is still slightly some to cannot compare with these two"girl"s.

As for Han Zhong Shan, cold Gan and Li Feng talk, the Luo is quick such as and white postpone to celebrate 5 people to then respectively stand at a , however the time that sets out strategies have each other connect with each other, the completion print along with 5 people's method, five thunder and lightnings entwine to shoot to go to the direction of ten square colleges and originally only had thick thin thunder and lightning in mid air of son arm continuously absorbed a thunder chemical element, the time went into a half distance have already had a thick thin rim of bowl sum.

"How do I always have already far from goodly grown to prepare feeling?Here should can't be what Jing the den of monster?"The little monkey low voice opens to inquire to the small gold, he is ambiguously some to far from goodly prepare feeling.

The furthest distance in the world

"Make moves to the common run of people?"The Du flies a corner of mouth to start to hang up one silk taunt, " want to let me darling ground to beat for those people's residues?As well or they beat my left face, do I pass a right face again?"


Thought of here, evil palace palace the lord fly toward the Du once the Han head smile and then no longer carry on speech up of sound out, turn but spoke of other free topics, all the way and harmoniously arrived to an evil palace.

The gold is small to open tiny wrinkly knit the brows, differed 1:00 to the impression of big summer clansmen again.

Use to have no color transparent work properly burning will refine the material of black gold knife to acquaint with 1 time one by one, then the Du fly to take out to spread achievement jade Chien, will and gather to work properly the refining fingerprint that forms couples to record in the at heart.

"Does not is useful, " heresy dollar feel sorry for of lookinging at and sealing Ling :"Way Ji's person can't give you the opportunity of, because is evil kind of of strong, is what they would not like to see, they will hope that you thoroughly become Shen evil, had better not have the opportunity to inhibit, because of, the Shen in that time is evil to is what offense easily deals with, as long as killing the Shen in that time is evil, way Ji ability a peaceful date, you once heard so many stories of sages, all is do so, in fact the general assembly opens or not, all only a final outcome, that be, you are inevitable will be put out by the whole way Ji to kill."

The wine of a heap of, see Lee is widely all some ashamed.


See Chen ponder first to answer not to come up, the Du flies tiny deliberation a short moment, then smiles Jie to lead and turns but proposal way:"Chen Xiang's variety, is regarded as at the beginning I send eldest brother rich and honored under the knot of Nie good luck, now I if put forward to take he, return your a son of integrity five years later, don't know eldest brother Chen can would like to?"

The sudden gold is small happy medium a burst of palpitate, he has already immediately understood the source-fire of this felling tooth to re- appear again!

The title hopes to keep the mountain peak of putting the high in the clouds, the Du flew to helplessly take out to climb tools and implements, again upwards basic is all steep slope, the some places even is 90 degrees or higher than 90 degrees, one of need not tool, barehanded climb up, fly but talk to the Du basically impossible.

Is helpless under, revenge an alliance simply decide to consume here, they don't believe those big summer clansmen will during a lifetime hide don't come out under the protection of high tower over there!

The gold is small to open just going to openings, suddenly not the distance Be a burst of to clamor a voice to spread, drew on 2 people's attention.

The opponent of oneself one war unexpectedly used yin and yang disorderly sword power.

" Under once said to never make use of the corpse of falling in action the officers and men, just each see arrive really in really Sun Mou Ming is artificial, but everyone can someone see these officers and mens are subjected to after falling in action what hurt?"Sun Mou faces the problem of second dint be just a smile of say.

He counted a string of name of nation a while, but immediately after Song shrug:"Being also good isn't good either.Always move house, a house just lived into a house, again packed and moved another unfamiliar place.Move back and forth, although my father is American ambassador,I have already forgotten the appearance of the United States."

"I occupy to want to ask you, if you can are satisfied with an explanation for me, I will send to give° the black gold knife you!"The air that sees a Xiao war suddenly becomes to respectfullly and sincerely get up, the Du flies to walk to the stone to sit down before the table and smiled to put forward a temptation.

The absolute being that the Du flies knew on strange living creature to once sweep and sank into the living creature of the soundly asleep to suddenly open a double eye, the absolute being obviously flying to the Du knew some sensitives.

When Tan round finally once responded of time, his sovereign Liao Kao light dragon already thoroughly drive purple


Forgot feeling to forget love, also forgot the thing that everything would not like to remember.When is love a person in the bitter bitterness flounder of time, be for the sake of feelings at helpless resemble Huang of time, suddenly of the oblivion should is how big a kind of happiness.

At carve to carve in the room of Wu Tian, suddenly hear an outside entirely make to ring, then urge oneself the wood does under the body of the simple wheel chair arrived at a hall house, but discovered own daughter being thinking a manned of obfuscation dragging along in room.

The chain turned huge absolute being A the gold after is small to open pleased not from forbid, the concussion is unbearable, didn't live in the heart the ground walked around in the cabin room, really very anxious to can activate huge absolute being A right away, well measure to take a shot this baby's power.However now at empty boat up is affirmative nothing doing, if really need to activate huge absolute being A, perhaps and immediately meeting empty boat Chuo hole, that top of none of owners be living.

The men may feel that doing like this is really very superficial, very not enough sincerity, what then what woman needs most is this, woman's a little bit less concern for the meeting entertain foolish ideas, much ado about nothing.Sometimes feel your girl friend"play a small temper", "plank face" of time, want isn't what you gave to concern not enough?

"Senior, did you come back?"The Ni that raises an in order to wait for at the door can, see the figure that the Du fly's appearing is turning Cape place and immediately laughed heartily to run to pass by.

"Show me."See wave an air of doubt of green face, the Du flies and then knows her thing in the incognizant ring, openings wanted to come over.

That hall is also more than 100 rices high, in send forth the ray of light in a You blue, the source of ray of light is numerous blue crystals!Number also can not reckon how many of crystal like miscellaneous the disorderly mineral of growth is general, closely spread all over the whole wall and ground of hall, those crystals present more Leng pillar-like in shape, about have one person much Gao, must the point is such as the heavy star is general of the light order flicker among those crystals.

"Boon?"Hear that without restraint reviling scornfully of the servant, the Du flies to twist overdo hope to he.That servant is flying to mildly eye in the Du, don't know how of, more scold to more have no bottom spirit, the voice of end is several to smell.

Knowledge is power.The knowledge is strength.

Chapter 8 higher request(up)

Connect down for three days, the Du flies under the guide of "of elder brother", interest various tourist spots in sea City strolled a time.However, after finishing strolling, the Du flies and feels a bit dull, because all necessary artificial in each tourist spot digs to do of trace, lose the natural magic power that the scenery originally possessed.


"You ……how?"The gold is small happy win some Tan Tes.

Urge to work properly dint, the Du flies a piece of piece of work properly the stone covers up into according to five lines of attributes to should of position, whole of center, then constitution at he just- dug hole mansion in.

"The territory lord flies a degree to come to visit, well since departure!"The Du flies to refrain from rash action the breathing of his whole body, and keeps in mind a true person of bamboo a back to toward doorway in the arbor, so need Du to fly to walk up an arbor he also don't realize, until the Du flies this to send greetings to exit, he just has some to dare not believe ground Cang however turns head, the dark way this"fly a degree" in heart not that"fly a degree", but does one fix for the profound monk?

"Bureau chief sends you to have a meal to still keep returning to inside in the bureau?"After waiting car to drive a B a distinction bureau, the criminal police member of team who drive twist a head to ask a way.

"Do not go!I want to hurriedly find out a gold not to quit well ask to see me to actually come to a for a while which stage!"However, he doesn't quit to invite good it with gold is an evening, the title sees in addition to window, just just was a morning now, also too early."Calculate, still go to school go to, after all am I still a good student."Sighed tone, the gold is small to open to tidy up for a while, went out to go to school.

The domestic life man is that kind of advantage the unlike other people are many, weakness unlike other people little man;Is that kind of to give to order sunlight brilliant, much more loquacious fidgety man;Is that kind of the desire love one another, and then be not good at the man who expresses love;Is that kind of the mind is rough, but touch the loving nerve is behind again the man of excrescent emotion;Is that kind of peacetime have a little trivial or great man's doctrine, turning point heart bosom but comprehensiveness softness of man ……

"The Du flies!"The Du flew to just want to turn round to make track for shot, but mighted as well be nearby together together graceful to fiercely pull him and pulled big strength, letting the Du fly temporarily can not free from tangle, can orderany to explode the burning evil wolf makes track for shot already in flurry but escape of bitter Bo.

Of each layer that the gold is small to open to sneer at 1, gobble up the margin foot of the strength contains decuple, this basically isn't one to only bite Tui A can offset.The hand of dollar dint a hold tight that youth, just formed on his body of bit Tui AN under the huge dint like the paper paste generally, the voice of a burst of"the Qi mile Ka Zha" ring later on, that body's biting Tui A has already been abruptly kneaded fragment.

"See this ticket, this is my seat, please get up an another place, this is my seat, and I want to sit here."

"Si ……" light river suddenly and betwixt the part appeared a whirlpool, a from ray of light constitute of the person form slowly rose from the whirlpool.See that person basically be different from is the appearance of entity, the gold was small to open to pour to take a suck at cool spirit, forbade not to live to retreat 2.

Inn, the wave is green to is like the small bird that escaped from cage,


"Give Ni supervisor to make me come to take an experiment medicine, say to receive the order of top and want urgent use!"The bottle of the laboratory inside bottle bottle the bottle is so many, the Du flies naturally could not distinguish which be experiment medicine, then wove a reason to cheat those.

"What?"Just the summer blares snow to still sink to immerse at endless happy in, but after hearing the words that the Du flies, heart immediately sediments.The problem that flies off to open to the Du, she has been feeling that she handle very big-hearted.But really listen to now Du fly to say to leave, in her heart living a hard and low-key sorrow.

Sun Mou towards three humalities:"Time about, we are each each!"Finish saying to toward 3 people's one arch hand of rest to pull out regression horse this.The mutual arch of Li Jun San people the arch hand also respectively return to this of military flag under.

This bottom jade at male is also be made of Be getting more puzzling, because Qian Xiao Qing is pulling what jade is simultaneously talking at the male, but her voice don't be also so small, so the others are also hear, the meaning that they are also not understand Qian Xiao Qing to talk so is where.

In a training room of "Pa, Pa ……"51 area underground bases, a personal shadow lightning flash sort move, and continuously sends out an electricity chain in the hand and gives or gets an electric shock those persons form Bas for moving into coke.

Hear nearby the inquiry of elder, public bottom of hush also not from living a fidgety idea, however he is to lead the way a person, nature not the ability show this emotion and then and lightly say:"Wait and see to would be, time should move will move naturally!"

A few bodyguards immediately obeyed orders to run to go out and left of the person is still

Almost can see the Si set Pu brother and sister every day.

"Need not chose, our last target chose in the wild space and released the last dollar dint hole hole to the Earth!"The gold is small to open a firm way, his vision with turn, own of the younger brother although repeatedly experiencing is difficult to cross,repeatedly experiencing has no 1 to rise to back an idea, heart bottom not from get in high glee.

Just Qian Xiao Qing of small raise a hip drive Tang can son to not and lightly don't weigh of beat for a while of, this time again drive Tang can son so unbridled of fondle mo, O.K. and before Tang can the son have already touched her full, start to compare that, touch small to raise a hip all of a sudden and then didn't so make people hard to accept, person be so, if front Tang can the son have never fondled mo Qian Xiao Qing of full of words, Qian Xiao Qing's affirmation will feel and just be fondled time of full mo so this time similar shame feeling, now but want to be thin Be getting aer lot of.

Since found out reason, the Du flew then to carefully prepare yesterday some kind of, planned to close in today's impact!As for the top closes, Du's flying isn't an over-confident person, that not just the problem that he should reply currently.


"Your formation worked properly to know, affirmation was to build a radicle to expect."Wolf demon a bit interrogative, "

"Say quickly, I can have no how many times heel your useless talk!"Seal Ling He Dao.

See the Du fly to once hide oneself ingenious on recruiting, Huang Gui Yue not from one Leng.And the Du fly to see oneself to once hide this to recruit, is also one Leng.However immediately the Du flies and then felt just of dissimilarity, just at worried of time, he not from use last work properly to know!Former Du's flying all is to use to work properly to know to do to probe into and always unexpectedly battle out medium can also make use of to work properly to know.

"Is this what things?"The gold is small to open while talking, discover own the voices all change of a bit hoarse.

The empty harbor that silently arrives at the thunder emperor Di hole, black iron city, the gold is small to open to very quickly and then find out the big summer that he park here to fly boat, certainly externally this flying boat has been under the disguise of an empty boat, as long as doing not log on inner part, the ordinary people basically can not see through camouflage.

"BE flow cloud territory of fly one degree elder generation, don't know what order the elder generation has?"What to be responsible for this focal point is an outside pupil in the door of green city, see the identity jade that the Du flies card, immediately and respectully ask a way.

"This girl looks very familiar looking ……" gold is small to open eyebrows tiny wrinkly get up, "princess" met has 89 to divide to resemble in the realistic world before he Be whatever to see, all feel this girl and, only at age with in shape haven't young difference.The gold is small to open sudden heart in a move:"Xia Yu whom I meet also became child shape,said this' princess' also similarly ……"

Oversee workers a Cha degree satisfied that the location nods and turns round to leave, however he sees a gold small to open the ground of Leng Leng to stand on one side before coming out encampment, unbearable past Chuai the gold Be small to open one feet.Looking at a gold small open to stumble distress fall down of appearance, the Cha degree roars with laughter, the mental state of abnormal condition got tremendous of satisfy, the mood finally relaxedly left encampment.

"Ha ha, after that blood test ends, my baby's pupil together and together the friendship is to usually read Dao you, how didn't also see you coming over to once seek her?"The solid Lun does obeisance to smile to make fun of Du to fly a way.After that blood test, together and together the friendship flew to express to the Du very big good will, however the solid Lun does obeisance leader of alliance because the Du flies is the Louis Si master's pupil, a bit not pleased in the heart.But after seeing Du in several years' flying all hasn't been once seeking together together graceful, but together together graceful and some depressed, this was just slowly in mind to let go of prejudice.

Seeing 2 people has been already talked, the green bird of one side smiles happily a way:"Tooth elder brother Liao, I for you seek come small open an elder brother of the driver get empty boat, whether should also have some reward?"

Surroundings of the audience seem to be early to become accustomed to this kind of bloody condition, a has already abandonned noble qualities and yells crazily and roots for one square whom oneself is optimistic about like the bedlamite sort.


What stuff in, the gold is small to open to suddenly think of in times before a little monkey to once ask around to those star thief's abodes, in the heart not from get a move:"Anyway can not also leave now, rather go and seek some troubles for them."The gold is small to open at present already awake to arrive a fourth rank, the strength is arrogant, the natural confidence is hundred percent, even if that is red burning is evil to bite, is also the slightest don't fear to.

"Roar!"That monster person doesn't wait the star thief's captain to wide awake as well and charge forward is an one punch.The yellow ray of light that wraps up 1 F like the flame sort on his fist very heavily bombards on that biting of the star thief captain Tui A.

"Everyone how was this ?"The gold is small to open to have never thought everyone will so concussion.

Protection cover and evil crystal cannon importance within little more than naval battle relies on, only 1 is to attackstone sharp weapon, one is just a defensive magic weapon.This protection cover similarly makes use of a sorcery gather crystal stone of evil function and evil monster in of magic to develop power, but the protection cover like this is very to consume an evil crystal stone of medium of magic, basically can not attain a long-term protection, protection cover only is conduct and actions make track for shot the enemy's a kind of protection means, once being subjected to the magic consumed for covering attack protection more huge, at present courageous empire's doing like this is also helpless to raise, otherwise they basically can not onrush arrive own artillery range inside, if the war ship that can not attackstone the other party, so personal square's these 1,500 war boats and shipses can consume some evil crystal stones of the other party, in addition good for nothing.

Go by car for 78 hours, the Du flies and arrives at a Teng county from clear Kun City and had no again live guest house, the Du flew to directly seek a rent of two the rooms are one hall, rented down.

"Senior, your affirmation includes what worry!You speak and see me to have what can help yours, your speaking will be also a little bit more pleasurable, even if I can not help you."Hope Du to fly, the Ni can honestly say.

"Is stupid!I said to is a time immemorial period, even if was this kind of crystal how can defer decrepitude again, how many ten thousand yearses will put out action as well after in the past?You see these person in the crystal stones, although the outward appearance looks didn't change,actually their body has already blended with crystal stone at together, or, they have already become a crystal stone."

"Is here?"Sea the Si stare at under of Tahu, unclearly the felling of some indispositions, seem in contain a certain danger.

Probably ……this present life I destine to can not get your love!

"Impress?"The gold is small to open to listen to this word wanting to smile:"How to feel to is like after saying bee or ant?"

"Originally plan?"Wait pure Huang to wait after person leave, the Du flies to silently take back absolute being to know.Unexpectatively pure Huang this a few s will flatter of guy, unexpectedly once premeditated one to see in his under one's eyes to he disadvantageous plan, now although due to he at the people in the troops


Pattern too very.

Then the mental derangement also ran right away, Zhao Ning Ying at present more oddness, today why how appear a while two strange strangers to say strange words for he or she.

Is slow to lead absolute being of old man, immediately feel breathing inside the body unimpeded, condition of the injury

The owners all feel surprised because Li Jun understatemently dissolved a crisis like this, but iron such as wildly not in these people, he feels now of only have exasperation, oneself don't discover Li Jun's trick in time with as for all of own soldiers fall in action.But at present situation he but can not press all last troopses to revenge, because in addition to Li Jun outside still Sun Mou make him don't already be afraid of.

"Say, is be not you several and then lose everything to own money in the wager shop

"Li Jun thanked!While just putting together to make an effort to fight for time for you sometimes resuming capability for we fighting for time, now shoulding being we you!"Being an is a bit deep and low of the voice spread into Li Jun's ear.

The sudden together white ray of light is from an empty boat ascension Teng and rise, that ray of light vibrates two times in the unreal and unexpectedly also turned to make a light dragon, the huge light dragon of an ivory!That light body figure dragon about has red light 2 times that of dragon is big, the body sends forth one great stock market investor saint breathing, even make people have a kind of forbid don't live to want to prostrate un worship of flavor!

Ps:Is recent have no the mood work and do any affairs to all have no a mood.Don't want to compose, don't want to have a meal, don't feel sleepy to feel, don't want to play a game, don't want to get to the Internet, don't think chat, don't think ……the life is really a boredom.

I heard him make his revolver ready to fire,and I did the same.

Of war capability.As for the beard Ti son, blue mountain sword and beard the righteousness is three early monks to dollar baby, fix for all promoted to a dollar baby's middle, but cave stone mountain the person wait six monks of dollar baby's middles and then all promoted to a dollar baby behind expect, only the D mountain expects monk after waiting originally three dollar babies, at present although come to a the peak that a dollar baby expects,still keep differing to face one feet in the door, have never broken Qiao to expect.

"Can say so, I call it'absolute realm', however estimate that what we said is all same thing."The gold is small to open Song to shrug shoulders Bang to say.This already didn't what keep secret of necessity, even if be understood his/her own means by the enemy, also is not likely to have what way to crack, the much less other party has already recognized out this kind of strength, a little bit straight-tempered and generous all speak better, can also have some awe function like this.


See distance snow blush with shame, the gold was small to draw to engrave to also thought of 2 people last night of the status of the Ai mei, not from get embarrassed not already.All of 2 people are the stations of at a loss what to dos over there, who don't know as well to should say what.When the proper gold is small to open to curse and scold his/her own timidity in the belly, climbing of suddenly a burst of"know Su" voice spread to come over.

"But, I still can not forgive him now."The purple wing knows this time that the fatty pig week says have a reason, but she again the heart is unwilling.

Chen listenned to the daughter's explanation first, is tooking a look the Du lying on board and flying and discovering that his Zheng wears eyes and then walks to come forward to ask a way:"Small brothers, where person are you ?Call what name?"

Unexpectatively and unexpectedly affair like this happen, resist to accept Xian to fear after thinking a burst of.That Gao is empty in of gold color huge Zhang, but don't know as well to is what is the row?See the power that that slowly descend to sink, the earths are shivering for it.Resist to accept Xian not to dare to imagine, this earth whether can bear live this shot, however see maternal thousand in the last yearseses all be not put out, should be stay resourceful, can cope with an aureate palm.

"Does China Wei believe in?How to have never heard of it this group?"The kid of poor people early takes charge of, Zhao Gu Yi after being not that kind of idiocy child who believe on coaxing, hearing rather the words of Peng didn't immediately believe, but counter-questioned a way with interrogative look.

"That is the hard nut to crack."Holmes' way, " I think that he has been already been frightenned before starting running heart in torment.He by himself really don't know the then action.This explained the reason that he why not runs toward the house but dynasty contrary direction.He runs so and then leave(can get) a help(of place) more and more far.Next problem is:Who is he waiting on that night?Still have, why does he want in water to loosen a small way but don't wait a person in the house?"

Jade at male a clap head to say:"Yes, I how so stupid, you a walk will not be known by them, saw to us not and say all not to go, want to be not in the evening I go to bed to your room how?"

"Go to Europe!"There is decision, the Du flies to twist a head to toward jade answer way.

Then jade at male will what other things all threw brain, because doesn't oneself in the moment still have a beauty, the person can not always have insatiable greed of, so good beauty by himself/herself always need to enjoy for a while, otherly this time oneself can not also begin at least.

However let what Du fly one public oddness BE, there put together shot for a while, again have no an interest, while needing Du to fly positive desire to let out absolute being to know to look into see car Xuan station and wood Huai 2 people move to appear in a sudden at in front.

Lose exploitation value, the final outcome seems to only have a to die.


"Damn!I actually want to surround much long-term here?Don't know a soul body as well the status can insist how long, breaks in case of the transparent silk thread that link my body, that I can die to settle."The gold is small to open to fly 2 turns, felt oneself seem at wait to die similar, and he can not also return to his own body now up

Suddenly, he with no reason has already had a kind of dismay.

"Accepted you to do write-in pupil for teacher in those early years, originally wanted to develop you well some kind of, can who after knowing take place accident, for the teacher have to linger elsewhere, need to be returned to face sea more than ten years later, but you already the Yao has no news."See the Du fly to appear a Yi color in the face, Ma Jun goes wry smile in heart a , but still keep steeling the heart later on, continue to preach, " you come back at present, according to reason for teacher should the teaching that you accept to believe in for formal pupil tradition cloud, but at this time your identity have been solemnly different, I one build the monk that the radicle expects to also have no Yan will you this matches the monk that the body expects to accept for the pupil, so-"make reference to here, Ma Jun's line sees the Du fly tiny Cu to have eyebrows, seem realize what general, but still have to keep on speaking, " so the doing not can accept for the teacher you believes in formal pupil for cloud and cans not spreads your clouds to believe in teaching, either."After finishing saying Ma Jun's line lowers the head and have some don't dare to see the Du flying.

The gold is small to open and sea the Si Be foolish to sign a good half-day, all felt some to have no from start, don't know how to release at present of the dollar dint hole hole.

Inside of circumstance, "shout!"Of a , right against the face a baseball bat is fierce failed to come over!

This is also the life Fan Jia Mo pain.

In addition to the rest out of elder brother Hu is five rascal classmates, all be whopatted in the belly.

"What ethereal beauty."Woman Chen way:"I make the dream son depend on, the name is what teacher Niang marries for me."

Even now, the old feels the back contain a strength importation, need not turn a head to know that just that several youths who leave have already returned, saint Piao their one eye, close lightly purse one's lips.

"A short while I and from strange pair president of association they talk of time, don't move over here."The Louis Si master once connected to work properly a stone and evil crystal after, put into own space bag, then support to stand up, walk to from strange pair president of association they there.

After opening this third eye, the gold is small happy medium gush beyond expression mightiness self-confidence, he feels that he's imitating a Buddha is to become an of indomitable spirit giant, the whole space all ability drive he a grasp in the center of palm.The movement rule of rule, ten thousand matter creations of rule, strength of space, everything all big and small entirely make a show of in oneself's in front, even the gold is small to open to feel, oneself can have to ruin the terrible Wei that the sky puts out ground between the every act and move ability!


"Be subjected to dead!"Face true person of great white crane and Du to fly 2 people, any respects a true person to no longer stay enough dint this time and not only presents a double-edged sword and also tees off the start of five thunder heart Jues in the sky to print Jue in the hand and in addition still recruited a head of the fire of the lion non- lion red wild beast.

The 摰 is vulgar the Wu Γ Qian Hou Wan Sao the ⑾ go to in a sudden Cha Gu Tan Kang Nai the Dai protect a private form Yi チ to forgive a N liquid Song thief Song Xie that Xie Gong N Yi Zhan Pang look for Yan silently the Gang Tian raise to play skill Wu the ┦ lead knife border Qiao Fen Lai Mo

Ps:Yesterday snowinged, today but good strong wind ……

"At this time it's a long story to tell, hereafter sometimes say again."Hear the great white crane true person's inquiry, the Du flies not from bitterly smiled to smile, a language Jie leads and turns but asks a way later on, " you?Three years how disappear, became this emperor Ge's pupil?"

"Unexpectatively and originally the wise niece such age just was already the monk that the gold Dan expects, compared to origin just wise niece, old headman I be really a have already lived the age to the dog body!"Wait Du to fly to re- sit up the back of electric cell car, four elders just the full face regrets ground say.However his tone inside, showed thousand times of surprise.

Small male's respecting a farmland doesn't be responsible for a house lord give, cost more than 30 years, let the small male house is in the black dragon will of stood firm a heel in intermediate household, however also because and several inside layer households once battled out a benefits, but give offense to them after death high household.Being this time to come to Z country to loot a virtual realistic technique is those ghosts of high household Daos, otherwise small male respect the farmland absolutely can't connect this risk to lead a high task!

The gold is small happy medium fiercely on jumping, the crisis feeling of a mightiness surges forward at heart.His current soul strength has been strong matchless and has the feeling of instinct to know to some crises, obviously the enemy this time is that he has never been seen!The gold is small to open absolutely a bit hard believe, his current real strenght although the tallest stage that hasn't attained a fifth rank, real to ascend five practicing moral teachings of ranks, he also not definitely loses, connect at and sea Si together of time, all have never felt a thus strong crisis.

The new head of the Baskerville family will be Sir Hen ry Baskerville,if he is still alive and if the lawyers can find him.He is the son of Sir Charles Baskerville's younger brother,who died some years ago.The young man has been living in the USA.The Baskerville lawyers are trying to contact him to tell him about his good fortune. <

Become the counter of the whole first floor hall a turn of, the Du flies and discovers that the stairs that the product here is very complicated, but all belongs to be applicable to low rank monk, combine useless place to him, then lift leg facing to lead to the second floors walks.

The unconscious setting sun has already completely fallen in, new moon also already climb last head, the lonesome moonlight shines on on this rightness of young men and women through the window, everything's seeming to be is so sad but beautiful.Can have been eager for action before the leaf of this time sing inside the body of breeze but is to appear the whole world upside down variety, shrunk at the gold in the pubic region just- been like strength, seem to be at any time to all want an opportunity to find out to take back pubic region, this battlefield, but now it was like asleep to generally and quietly shrink in the corner of pubic region in, however Ning solid of the degree compare it want to be strong much in times before, want to drive out its body outside and just like to say dream at the person of Chi.But the leaf sing the breeze he or she's self-discipline to get of inside dint after finishing repairing all damaged blood vesselses along the blood vessels route of dint self-discipline inside his peacetime starts quickly roving around, speed like this even if is leaf to sing the breeze dint inside the full blast can not attain.And those inside dint's roving around once each time will make the leaf sing breeze to feel a time of nipping ache, if the leaf sings wind energy enough and moves perhaps now painful everywhere dozen have been already rolled.But after the ache is in the past, the leaf sang breeze will the blood vessels of surprising detection he or she extends a lot of and more of fortitude and resilience.Size and tough and resilient degree of blood vessels come to a decision the rate of speed of Wu Zhe's self-discipline to some extent, but all of Wu Zhes is along with continuously deepening of the self-discipline but gradual extension through

The summer is crazy to looking at a gold small open, sudden way:"Now mankind and three eye clans ……and we big summer clansmen, is carrying on war?"


"Mao Ca!"Come out a cabin, the Du flies a corner of mouth to start to hang up one silk sneer and stretches hand to re- lock up the hatch, opportunity he has already given, but those people didn't cherish.

Power for of a flap.Is a chemical element user, it is a depletion to be always thought by people in the war the enemy have the machine to living strength, truely decide a war trend of still those warrior occupation, although have already ruined the real strenght that the sky puts out ground,is always covered up by the aureole of the warriors, but Li Jun unexpectedly say that this satge handed over to them today, how can this not make them feel to fig up.Li Jun is really fierce, in brief a few words promoted the morale of these chemical element users a step, although the promoting of morale isn't promoting of real strenght,the undoubtedly high morale even contributes to exertion of their real strenght.Along with the downfall of Li Jun Hua's sound, the sorcery teachers displayed their astonishing sorcery strength to the people of this world, the soil fastens sorcery teacher Zhao Xu, and the first displayed his/her own sorcery:Meteorite rain is had already whetted dish by each the meteorite of soil chemical element formation so heavy, very intensively hit from the air to Kelly wait seven Dou privates.Because Zhao Xu's activity water fastens sorcery teacher Ao water of the virtuous Lun fasten heavy scope sorcery nasty sea crazy big wave, the great waves taking water chemical element formation matches with book of meteorite rain Hao Hao soup soup to ten square college most ex- follow of Dou private.

Those empty boats enlarged the exportation of strength, like four trap in the mire pond among of flood dragon, strongly flounder, twist, try to flounce from the strength of the whirlpool.The strength of that flounder is thus strong, even connect their deck outer shells all a piece of piece of ground of split, take off to drop down, in the blink of an eye be gobbled up almost exhausted by that whirlpool.

"Old younger brother, is eat not to become rice again?"Listenned to week Kang a clear telephone, the week was a bit small beautiful helplessly stop next go to rest the step that change clothes.A lot of times happened to being like this circumstance already!

Only Tang can son one personal understand Qian Xiao Qing why do like this, after coming back this day, Tang can the son still fought for a week good clever sleeping right, the week is good clever to after all is a child, can not compare with in physical strength and energy top and the adult of, come back hereafter take a shower, Tang can the son help her the time for blowing hair already asleep, Tang can son setting over the week is good clever hereafter also prepare to go to bed.But a telephone beat to come over this time, Tang can son a see is a jade at the male of, telling the truth Tang can son these several days, the in the mind is again ever not just thinking jade at male, to the men and women's matter, Tang can son not just one in the mind has expectation, only the woman is compared to more concealed Hui of man some, not as more on his/her own initiative as man just.

The 撐 Yi bosom Wei Niao Mu Qi umbrella N also the ⒎ Qiao non- Xie Mao over accept the ┦ Lyu Luo

The thunder hat believes firmly, the only strong real strenght is the root of existence in the world here, and all of other all things are setoffs!Although the thunder hat doesn't know to originally how can run to the small gold to open at ground the deadly poison on the fire monster Jing body in the body,he believes to ownly respond to absolutely can't come amiss.

"Five elders, " sees a few visions of big guys all hope to come over after hastily putting speech, the Du flies but has no Dan thin, continue to sink a track, "formerly some variation person's masterminds make to account person, Ma Yi Shi, who ambuscade three elders to see, the not establishing of the front defends a coast, affirmation have the variation the person's scheming, and the diagram is very big.Not if we send a medium brigade person right away shore as to it's everywhere carry on breakage, if variation the person press the Nai not to live to now launch a trick, the personnel of our outer circle can also carry on rescue, even if rescue to cannot compare with, also just lose a to win person's horse of brigade just, by long odds lead whole army is routed."

See a form, the Du flew to clap to clap hands, the attraction lived everyone's attention way:"Although everyone be not the first get here of, however the accessit is still certain, see an uncle become again to you a some sugar!"Finish saying then to take out one milk sugar of holding again from the Hao source the fairy quit, delivered 5 for everybody.

Jiao whale?"


:"We are two to at the right moment separate to save a person, I think with your real strenght, and if not that meeting with a group of superiors very unluckily, should can't having what problem."

This flies empty boat since can

The Du flies positive entertain foolish ideas, the young girl before leading the way stopped dead step.See a form, the Du flies to immediately use to work properly to know to probe to have surroundings, but on having no acquisition, not from some interrogatively ask a way:"How?"

"Ge lord, do we want to wait until when?"A hidden edge bottom, 4 emperor Ges are hiding a body here at the moment.After sitting in silence a short moment, finally have an elder's suppressing doesn't live heart bottom of anxious, openings dynasty person of hush ask a way.

"BE?"The Du flies half believe and half doubtly to take out that from the body long happy the true person will work properly dint to transported into to his identity card.

"How do you still have a transmission door here?Is this one to arrive where?"The gold is small to open some way of curiously askings.

'I thought this man loved me,' she said,'but he has lied to me.Ask me what you like,Mr Holmes,and I will tell you the truth.I never thought any harm would come to Sir Charles.He was a dear old gentleman who was very kind to me.I would do nothing to hurt him.'

Accompany with another public to exclaim, the central sky of water building in the sky, the white dress float, is stepping a whereabouts just like the pretty woman similar woman leaf but next.

"So that's why!"Get the Du flies of affirmation answer, give tiny Leng of Ma Si master a short moment, draw a deep sigh, just continue to lift a step to

" Is an enemy?To, just does that guy confess and say that his companion will come to plum mountain to remit to match,is now?!"The gold is small to open a mind in brain of flashback, turn head to the sea Si way:"Perhaps is an enemy, and come in blustering and menacing manner!"

"See out?"See the Du fly air peculiar, the wood Huai smiled to ask a sentence, then didn't need Du to fly an answer and then ordered to affirm a way, " is quite good, this galaxy is a huge strategies, however have no now


Looking at to resist for a sky, the Chen struggles, the heresy dollar in a soft voice says:"The matter of today now forgets about it, you can take they walked, I couldn't pursue, either, in the letter mention of affair, since your teacher have already had an arrangement, I need not participate in, either and grow to living a palace, still former of long living a palace."

The Hui far closed lightly purse one's lips, just wanted to talk and sealed to traverse a cold way:"Don't say that you don't know with me, I know, you have already broken Gen mood, I don't know you why the meeting change so quickly breakthrough, however I also have no time to ask, I am inquisitive now, is how to break?"

The jade suddenly asks a way at the male this time:"The jade is lovely, I ask you affair, you must tell the truth and had no too many time to drag along now, the temper with 2 Bs gets worse and worse you also can see, if again so next go to you true in the future can become stranger of, I want to ask you, if your family has no objection to, will 2 Bs' pursuing your words on their own initiative you can't promise him?"

"Resist for a sky, the Chen isn't to come to tell to seal Ling Yao, does he return to green night to see his own mother for a while?"The Xiang madam says.

 The laws of nature-su pernatural things?'asked Holmes.

Is reasonable, however guess according to me, here seem should be a historic relic of remote antiquity, only because of the reason of science and technology or material etc., but cause to keep here very intact, even various effects can also continue to operate."

However how say, whole

2 people saw on going out the jade open a door at the male, hence and the jade come over together at the male of, jade at male of so go out to in fact have his viewpoint of, jade at male the time in afternoon although give Tang can the son suggest, return after the room jade to still keep fearing at the male Tang can the son didn't understand his/her own meaning how do, and Tang can the son along whiles didn't respond to, Tang can the son and Qian Xiao Qing is a room, oneself again not make a phone call or deliver a message, finally left think to be right to want to decide still in person again go to give Tang can the son is some hint, hence open the door.

'We must follow him and find out what he is doing,'said Sir Henry.'He won't hear us if we move carefully.'

"I ain't to smile the head that they become facing sea noodles person, just feel in those early years those two small guys to also grow up for the somebody at present, some regretses are just!"See six green satisfied shapes, the Du flies to cannot help but shaking to shake head, six green other aspects aren't so bad, a personality to want too much strong, afraid of this is also that the environment that grows with her is relevant.

Black Ze star, say now, what way?"The mansion that sees public to all enter hole, the wood Huai then flies to inquire a way toward the Du.


Tooth Liao Leng for a while, order, however he knows the gold is small to open although can fly,also be not likely to take too many people to go in and then say:"That I am a to go in with you."

"H'm, I have nothing to say!"Hui heart low eyebrow.The Hui only still thinks entangled.

Now the wave is green already understand just the Du fly to be pretending to be dead to guide an enemy, however at lure an enemy

The gold is small to open to say with smile:"This I also not clear, probably just pure of coincidentally just."

The I think you 抳 e put your finger on it you made reference to an idea to ascend;Painting the town the red revel

"Wood old ghost, you listen to this time mine, Du flies to say that the way leaves, that can definitely!"See the wood Huai open mouth desire speech, the car Xuan station then persuades his way.But the wood Huai see car Xuan a station one face respectfully, the words in the heart hurtle to the mouth side, but not from swallowed to return to, then noded a way, "I believed you this time this disciple, don't let my disappointment!"


"Do not be so disgusting!"See Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De's this boy make to embrace him, the Du flew to hurriedly push him a , do two big men hug to embrace what a scandal?He isn't a back to carry on the back mountain to go!

"Bomb!"The Du flies to feel a dollar absolute being a burst of Zhan Li, later on hidden islet together with the soil layer of underneath more than ten rices Shu however disappearance, again appear but is at concealed diagram in.

The facts are simple.Every night before going to bed,Sir Charles went for a walk in the gardens of Baskerville Hall.His favourite walk was down a path between two hedges of yew trees,the famous Yew Alley of Baskerville Hall.On the night of 4th June he went out for his walk to think and to smoke his usual cigar.

"This ……where is this ?"Slowly fly to go into big hole along with the airship, car wood 2 people feel that the spiritual influence that the air fills the air is suddenly thick


Lien Chan of section 392 is two


Is each to acquire the person whom the fairyland of Peng Lai lives qualifications, will take out so a piece of jade from the Peng Lai fairyland center of earth, from the 12 greatest elders of the Peng Lai refining, therein seal the characteristic of printing the holder to work properly dint, and one silk Peng Wright has of space chemical element. <

The Du flies to early know a result that is green to run away, but truely faces now, or a bit scared, that can mean the population of 10,000,000,000 are a Nu on the earth!

Hope cabin Cape Sa Chen

Although body ascend some painful, the gold is small happy in but is rejoicing with wild joy!He feels among his own body originally was already weak dried up strength, unexpectedly started replying gradually here!After a little bit puzzling for a while, the gold is small to open to understand reason very quickly-the world here the vitality is strongly absolutely unimaginable, originally just invisible have no the vitality of quality, unexpectedly condensed here similar liquid general structure!

"Elder brother, you come back!" Jade after just taking a rest well but discover that the Du flies to be missing.After seeking before the house a house, the jade didn't also discover the shadow of human figure flying Du, on the contrary detection even the car is also missing.Endure heart in of anxious, jade heart in silent tell himself/herself, the Du flies this time be not without cause disappear, but go out to handle affairs just, then walk to the kitchen, do to have supper.However she just entered a kitchen for several minutes, hear an outdoor car voice, the head explored once a kitchen saw, at the right moment see the Du fly into a door, then and immediately smiled face go out.

'By the time you found me on the moor,I knew everything,but I could prove nothing.We had to catch the man doing something criminal,and so I had to put Sir Henry in danger.

"Is alas, big brothers, I say that making you buy is red and black or list double, you see and lose!"The fatty sees the black that he or she escorts win, a bit tiny satisfiedly and again advise to solve Du to fly, although he approved Du to fly fortune-teller parlance, but he is still a feeling of subconscious that Du's flying isn't likely to escort in Gu.

The boy wishes, even if being a beautiful love must also last long to just go, he is still that the melancholy write.

The war robs knife unexpectedly slow a slow, also only is a slow, war rob knife to still downwards fall in.


The frustrate probably can guide us to know some, just for once young lead of the women to say, their precious time already a don't reply to return.Let's totally encourage together.

"Pei Pei!All of this is what things?!Is disgusted to die!"Distance snow jilted to jilt the liquid on the body and discovered to glue of, how also make not clean, make people helpless.

Both parties Shu the private can be regarded as Qing dint this time but BE, who all know is a real decision victory or defeat this time of time, as long as who can excel the other party a raise so for after of the game will occupy absolute advantage.This time can be called is the second-time collision of chemical element user in the whole regiment war, however leading role change from the sorcery teacher Shu private.

The gold is small to open, orchid degree and Chi 3 people in the sky stand in front of the insect and wait for passage opening.This thing physical volume is huge, open once very exhausting, altogether have more than 200s two ranks, several ten three ranks together dollar the dint infuse into an insect door and activate its function.

The gold is small happy medium to laugh behind one's back, he listens to although a fire tooth is drinking to scold,have one silk secretly pleased flavor is obviously a guy of not enough plain dealing therein.After getting along with of this period of time, he feels the fire a tooth is still a quite good colleague, although the temper differed to order, however this nothing important, being that it is dependable of importance, the crisis of a lot of times, the gold is all smto open all just can spend under the help of fire tooth.

However for all that, the bandit still making the gold small to open to be subjected to a benefit is shallow.

The and were raised in generation of men that were taught that expressing emotions is not"macho."

"I depend!You the guy of this regardless of brothers friendship, I at in almost be starved with cold, you unexpectedly and still just outside research what that old guy leave what treasure thing, do you still have human nature?"The card that just succeeded in escaping pulls and towarded a gold small open is a hair violent wind.

Those employees' finally some imaginations for losing also fell through, how can be not displeased, only several individuals of finance room early secretly of is seeing, just the jade caused on coming in a burst of disorder of company at the male and Qian Xiao Qing

"That will he when walk?"Give Ni drive elder so a say to just respond to come over.Just he is an authorities fan, the in the mind is frightened bar will this matter fell face and business, but punished him, so don't analyze this affair from the various angle consideration.


"The then it person of same belief withdrew a competition, that this senior clerk's had three way friend quantity of he or she company!"Swept three dollars of one eye not resigned to playing second fiddle baby middle monk, Hong elder generation not know these three monk back have what backstage, wanted to think, then rendered unto the hard nut to crack to them they's processing.Then see three monks walking to the part and starting Di whispering Gu ground company to measure.

"The gift that was an adopted mother to send us last year, a diamond necklace!"The inquiry that hears the cloud Xi in summer, if summer the Xi pickeds up the decoration doubt ground before the chest to say.

Stars wrong, a Ji is like the purgatory ……

Originally didn't want to ask for trouble, but saw those appearances that Gao San You's sons walked on air, also had him classmates to all cry, Li Dong Peng immediately cannot helped but, on the spot beat those guys nose the green face is swollen.Those Gao San You's sons see the must not be offended of Li Dong Peng, but again don't want to throw a face, fight the after school in afternoon then and around, at the back of the school the small forest of mountain to beat.


"May be feel that being just beaten by you is very shameful."The Du flew to stay calm and collected ground to say a sentence and then transfered a topic way, " you still take us to continue to visit, don't let that guy sweep us of fascination."

"Have no, only ……remaining once fell dint to once investigate boundary."

Getting empty the speed root of boat can not compare with super space insect door, fully after more than 10 days of flight after, the gold was finallysmall to open to just finally return to a thunder emperor of Di hole.The gold is first small to open is reply original appearance, silently find out a little monkey to wait a person, inquired the affair that takes place recently all of a sudden, the result gold was small to open be told, the thunder emperor has already sent person for many times to once seek him, it is said that is the affair that prepares and plans to investigate super historic relic space, if the gold is small to open again don't appear, perhaps Be about to be canceled qualifications.

Again 2 people company measure for a while after, this just respectively break up to leave.

Summer cloud Xi and summer if the Xi hasn't wide awoke from the quilt the fact for kidnaping now.They can not believe, the grandmother summer blares the violent bodyguards that snow seeks for them, at bind the attack of bandit under unexpectedly pull Xiu like the withered Cui of sort of be defeated, let those bind bandit easily will they sister 2 people capture to come to hand.

"But it has never approached a corpse?"


"Good heavens!What did you actually do?!"Suddenly 1 bellowed to ring, the gold is small to open to force a title to see, discover that is just when the Ultrasaurus made effort, didn't know to actually hide where of the gold color card pulls!The card pulls to be rattled of stir up wing, by leap and bound fly around in the whole hall, don't live ground to send out sharp interjection.

Have no you at me nearby;I am just a bunch of to have no thermal flame.

The bearer totally has six, heel at backmost, unexpectedly is the mysterious person who just escaped!The flame on his body has been already put out at the moment, but he still keeps being covered with that whole body to cover with biting of the whole body Tui A, it isn't to want to show others his real facial expression obviously.

"Bomb!"The knife went a monster to once row from purple dress person's foot, bone blade unexpectedly purple dress Human body the ripple of the side mow to open and conveniently wear will his double the foot cut down!

Being small to open basically can not absorb the situation in 1:00.However see now, the Lu evil stone in sky goes fetch to forbid a machine Chong ability is the best choice!

The gold is small to open to almost steal break into laughter, if the gold color card pulls don't like an ice eye as well, that oneself perhaps can get its help-this card pull of defense cover but very violent thing, connect thunder cloud storms all can not the shot break.

"All don't go, this thunder emperor Di hole has already been blockaded now."

"You!You wait!"Together and together the friendship sees the Du fly to say words thus definitely cut off, spirit shout a ground of uprising, ruthlessly stare at he good short while, just Liao the next words rushed out a house.

Lee is tooking a look this call Wang Xue's girl, the smiling face of one face sunlight, imitating the Buddha has to shine on into his heart bottom.The opportunity of ever since that time a fortuity, he helped Wang Xue Yi favour, henceforth, Wang Xue then usually takes time to"fortune upon" with him, then has a meal together.The girl who looking at this sunlight takes the smiling face of sunlight, station in the sun, for an instant, he the hard ice of the heart bottom quietly turn to open and peeped out to have long time no see on the face of smiling face:"Good!"

Time how probably didn't investigate several females, leaf cloud Qian and Tang can son so several years of friend, leaf parents, Tang Long, of cloud Qian is to know outlooking.

Black dress person's leader have never thought affair unexpectedly and thus simple can solve, while ascending exultation, immediately spread body up of bite Tui A, take to begin the person make a detour to leave from a side.


"Is painful ……" drive once the jade shake, that man is tiny to wrinkle up eyebrows, and the mouth inside lightly shouted 1.

Chapter 44 Qian fixs(bottom)

The gold was small to open to take that piece of crystal stone that insets leave egg to arrive at among the canyon, and handed over to the clerk of the works of outside this thing.These clerk of the workses obviously know the inside situation of the egg of Jing monster and immediately pack thing to collect, and send a person to sternly put in the custody of.For"risk death" to be small to open the gold that the egg send out, these oversee workers big is an applause, and the very big degree ground appreciates

Know time of shallow Du I be still the small grass that grow in scallion campus, have a little young and inexperienced recklessly, also have the sensitive and sadness of the Zhan of youth beginning.

The good long time is past, when small gold's opening soon cannot insist, thunder war drum in the sky sends out of the vibration finally and gradually and faintly come down, the strength undulates to also spread gradually at the same time.Is small to open a surprised and matchless look in the eyes in the gold in, the shape of thunder war drum in the sky also starts narrowing, original diameter half rice or soly and only ball, till the last and unexpectedly shrunk fist size, look is like a Saturn of pocketsized version!

"How, you would not like to?"See the Du fly wrinkly knit the brows, have no falsely on flash across of face one silk difference color, immediately a bit abashed angered the ground ask a way.He wanted to do this inside captains all don't to ascend, the Du flew this boy unexpectedly would not like to also?

"This grand canyon has been being all test field that practices moral teachings, don't know already how much superior cover up a bone among them.We must carefully order, don't tread ascend those people's footsteps."West gram the air is nervous, don't live ground to every where check to explore, prevent°from dangerous occurrence.

"Still invite elder generation not to want a busybodies!"See the Du flying to become speechless and enjoying Zhong to still think that he has to have scruples about to the teacher and then and again opens mouth a threat way.

"This thing is ……data saving crystal stone."The gold is small to open to remember that oneself once saw similar thing as well before, only the physical volumes all had no at present of this was big.

The jade suddenly asks a way at the male this time:"The jade is lovely, I ask you affair, you must tell the truth and had no too many time to drag along now, the temper with 2 Bs gets worse and worse you also can see, if again so next go to you true in the future can become stranger of, I want to ask you, if your family has no objection to, will 2 Bs' pursuing your words on their own initiative you can't promise him?"

"Good!"Great white crane the true person is great a , originally she just freely asked, but surprisingly Du's flying really would like to go, at that moment the station started toward the Qiu Ye Er people a to wave hand way, " since it is so, we set out, thought to those foreign influences are about to begin!"

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