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Oct 31, 2004


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» Get ready - one more day until the election! from Pharyngula
Joshuah Bearman and Stephen Elliott and Atrios have amusing stories of attempted voter suppression by Republicans. Voter suppression isn't funny, and it's a disgrace that the news media aren't making a bigger deal of the consistent patte... [Read More]

» Desperation in Flordia from Insurrection
Read all about the sad, desperate tactics the Republicans are using in Florida... [Read More]

» Repub's getting desperate from The Political Puzzle
LAweeklyBlogs shows us how low the republicans will go.... There were four of them, two men and two women, all carrying signs with similar social wedge issues. One of them, wearing ratty boots and a denim shorts and vest matching... [Read More]

» creepy tactics from Noah Personal
there is something so baldfaced (and dare isay evil?) about a stunt like this in florida. i know, i know but how do these people sleep at night?... [Read More]

» Ft. Lauderdale: Republicans pretend to be Kerry supporters from Blog
Joshuah Bearman posts in his blog about following congregants from the Mt. Hermon AME Church to an early voting station in Ft. Lauderdale, and finding a bunch of Republicans pretending to be Kerry supporters from San Franciscol. [Link]... [Read More]

» Republican's try Agitprop from Grubbykid.com :: Links
Republican's try Agitprop... [Read More]

» Democracy Returns to Ohio from Majority Report Radio
Federal Judges find the Republican "vote challengers" will harm voters and the voting process and bars all challengers. Also, you'll notice we've added Josh Bearman to our blogroll. He's got a good piece on GOP stop the vote efforts. he'll... [Read More]

» When evil meets stupid from roman candles
“What are a bunch of Republican staffers doing here on Sistrunk pretending to be gay?” I asked the one who seemed to be the ringleader. “I know all about Polk street and the Castro,” he said. “Stanford University. I’... [Read More]

» Pathetic GOP deception tactics in Florida from Juxtaposition
Just pathetic. Amazing how the GOP will stoop to any level to try to re-elect W. From deception to outright... [Read More]

» Funny ha-ha elections stories: Florida Halloween from Betsy Devine: Funny Ha-Ha or Funny Peculiar?
On Halloween, Fort Lauderdale churchgoers waiting in line for early voting got bottled water, folding chairs, and candy from various activists--plus sign displays from young Republicans pretending to be far-left Democrats. [Read More]

» Democracy Returns to Ohio from Majority Report Radio
Federal Judges find the Republican "vote challengers" will harm voters and the voting process and bars all challengers. Also, you'll notice we've added Josh Bearman to our blogroll. He's got a good piece on GOP stop the vote efforts. he'll... [Read More]

» Bad GOP Dirty Tricks from Backup Brain
So we all know that Republicans are going to try to rely on dirty tricks to sway this election in their favor. But is it too much to expect that they would be good at it? Here's a great example... [Read More]

» Watching (and Waiting) For The Vote from Modern Fabulousity
In a brief victory for justice and fair play, a federal judge has thrown Republican intimidators out of Ohio's polling places. The evil ones are appealing the ruling, but for now...yay. Pandagon applauds the "activist judge" in question, Susan Dlott,... [Read More]

» We Were Young and Needed Cash from Trail Mix
As we sprint to the finish line, eager photographers are taking advantage of inexperience politicians in an effort to get the perfect money shot. Below are some photos of crazed-campaigning as we wind down the final hours. Why simply try... [Read More]

» "Don't Film Me" -- the Last Cry of a Scoundrel from Edward Champion's Return of the Reluctant
Joshuah Bearman: "Which is why we drove them away. The trick with Republican staffers running dirty tricks, we discovered, is to turn cameras on them. They wilt like shrinking violets. Stephen Elliott and I are out here with a documentary... [Read More]

» Finally, some sense from esoterically.net
Judges Bar Party Challengers at Ohio Polls CINCINNATI (AP) - Two federal judges on Monday barred political party representatives from... [Read More]

» Vintage Karl Rove from The Peking Duck
He should be hung by his heels in the public square. His absolute favorite tactic, every time, is to pull on people's emotional attitude toward gays. Today's example is so sickening that I want to believe people will immediately recognize... [Read More]

» Republican Staffers Pretend to be Gay to Confuse Voters in Florida from Poor Mojo Newswire
Joshuah Bearman: How They Do, Part III... [Read More]

» It'd be funny if it wasn't real from The Irish Trojan's Blog
I'm glad to see the Republicans, unlike those election-stealing Democrats, are taking the high road... [Read More]

» GOP Tricksters Wilt Under the Cameras from Agnosticism/Atheism
The dirty tricks used by Republican operatives to suppress votes have become well-known and may even end up backfiring, encouraging people to vote rather than keeping them away. It can be interesting, though, to see the reactions of tricksters when... [Read More]

» Maybe justice will prevail ... from Leaping Lemur Review
Hopefully the republican goons will honor this ruling: Judges bar party challengers at Ohio polls then again, they've proven themselves to be quite varied in... [Read More]

» Finally, some sense from esoterically.net
Judges Bar Party Challengers at Ohio Polls CINCINNATI (AP) - Two federal judges on Monday barred political party representatives from... [Read More]

» You'd think having to trick one's way to victory would give one pause from Prometheus 6

Adam Mordecai at Change For America is in Florida working the voter information thing.

The latest in the litany of complaints I have received as of late [Read More]

» Joshuah Bearman: How They Do, Part III from Middle Grey
Just when I was starting to think all this pre-election BS couldn't get any worse, I was directed to Joshuah Bearman: How They Do, Part III. Nothing says honesty like "let's pretend to be wacky radicals supporting the other side!"... [Read More]

» Rethugnicans In Gay Drag from Blogula Rasa
Fasten your seat belt, or you may fall out of your chair laughing at this report of some Republicans who failed miserably at creative agitprop at a Florida polling place Sunday. But the place was stamped with politics. Distributing the... [Read More]

» So Distracting from green gabbro
This election is a productivity pit. I'm getting a little bit of work done, but only a little, and I'm... [Read More]

» Republican Voter Deception Tricks from Godly musings
So let's say you belong to a political party that values the reselection of your candidate over the democratic process. Would you parade around in the guise of someone on the other team, holding placards that announce what you... [Read More]

» Election: Republicans Posing as Democrats from Unbecoming Levity
Josh Bearman writes Joshuah Bearman an excellent blog based in Florida. It's worth checking out if you want to know what is going on down there. On Halloween, he wrote about Republicans who posed as gay Democrats from San Francisco holding up signs i... [Read More]

» What a bunch of dopes from Blogrilla
http://laweekly.blogs.com/joshuah_bearman/2004/10/how_they_do_par_1.html Josh Bearman has a thing on Republicans actually pretending to be Kerry supporters in Florida. [Read More]

» Shenanigans from Librarian's Rant
Curmudgeony has sent me the following links, to Joshuah Bearman's blog and also Stephen Elliott about GOP shenanigans prior to the election. Will any of it matter? Will we actually know tomorrow, or even Thursday, about who is President? Only the g [Read More]

» Uma perspectiva gay das eleições americanas from renas e veados
Falsos-democratas em campanha na Florida. Foto de Joshuah Bearman. Não se pense que a maior derrota para o movimento gay americano na passada Terça-feira, foi a aprovação de emendas constitucionais anti-casamento homossexua... [Read More]

» Uma perspectiva gay das eleições americanas from renas e veados
Falsos-democratas em campanha na Florida. Foto de Joshuah Bearman. Não se pense que a maior derrota para o movimento gay americano na passada Terça-feira, foi a aprovação de emendas constitucionais anti-casamento homossexua... [Read More]

» At The Intersection Of Stupid And Evil from rc6.org

The day started with a trip to Mt. Hermont African Methodist Episcopal Church. Actually, the day started with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but nobody cares about that now. We drove to the church to catch the sermon and the early voting. They wer [Read More]



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